Saturday, March 31, 2018

Looking Forward to Spring

Another month has come and gone.For many this time of year means warm weather and new growth.In some years that is what we experience in Manitoba as well, but spring seems to be on a bit of hold for us this year.One thing is certain, it will come and with it the warmer weather and the new growth.Until that happens,I have chosen a few pictures from last year to share in this post.
I am so thankful that I have an abundance of pictures to fall back on during slow photo times.

Before long we can expect to see these little butterflies out and about, soaking up any warm rays of the sun that they find.

 Sometimes when nature shows a lack of color,buying a small bouquet of colourful flowers helps to brighten the days.I did that last spring and enjoyed capturing their beauty in various settings.

At this very moment, most,if not all of our small ponds are still frozen over,but it won't we long and we will once again enjoy the reflections in any small body of water.

When the warmer days arrive,I will be ready to sit outside and capture more images of my little feathered friends, like this Dark-eyed Junco,from last year.

So far,I have not seen or hear a Western Meadowlark around here but they, too,will be arriving very soon.I love to hear that bright song, belted out from a nearby post.

This is a picture from last year, but this is more of what it looks like around here right now.It is still pretty, but I do have to wonder how the geese feel about it.

Not all is dull and lifeless around here, even now.At sunset time, the sky lights up and displays the most beautiful colors.
Wishing you all a Blessed Easter.

Closing Thought:
If God had a refrigerator your picture would be on it.If He had a wallet your picture would be in it.He sends flowers every spring and a sunrise every morning.Face it, friend He is crazy about you.
  Max Lucado


  1. Ruth, thank you for the wonderful pictures and your Max Lucado quote. It won't be long before you will see spring and all the beauty and life from that season open up.
    Happy Easter...death could not keep Him in the ground!

  2. Love your pictures, especially the Meadowlark and the Geese! Great closing thought, too. Happy Easter!

  3. Beautiful photos as always dear Ruth. I love that quote by Max Lucado.

    Today is such a wonderful day of celebration! He Arose!

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. i'm looking forward to spring as well but it seems it has stalled somewhere and does not want to come. it is suppose to snow tomorrow. april snow, at the jersey shore, is very rare!! beautiful captures ruth, our juncos have left, they are on there way to you!!

    gorgeous sunset, happy easter..may you have a wonderful day!!

  5. Although I hope Spring soon puts in an appearance in your part of the world, I must admit that I very much enjoyed your late-winter photos.

  6. Happy Easter to YOU... Love the Max Lucado quote.... Amazing how God can love ME so much!!!!!! WOW...

    Spring will get to you soon I'm sure... AND ---then you will be posting lots of spring flowers and spring growth....

    Have an awesome day.


  7. You captured all of these so beautifully. I especially liked the one of the butterfly, the one of the junco, and the one of the meadowlark. So crisp. I could almost hear the meadowlark singing.

  8. Love the photo of the meadowlark captured in mid song! Blessed be you and yours.

  9. Love the quote and the pics. I hope spring arrives soon there. We are still in the wishy washy stage of spring-summer, with a bit of cold winter temps thrown in for good measure.

  10. Hi Ruth, Starting at the beginning … wow, what a great header for April. The way you come up with these headers is impressive. I love the way you tune them to the season. Your first photo with the colorful butterfly on the almost monochrome background looks like an award winner. My next favorite is the Dark-eyed Junco. I have some of those birds here in my neighborhood and they like to stop by a birch tree right outside my window. As fast as they move around I would have to be very lucky to get a shot as good as yours! Love the sunset and closing thought too! Great post! Wishing you a fine week ahead! John

  11. gorgeous!! i was amazed how quick March flew just right on by. it was there and gone??! i am getting closer to my big 40 birthday in May and i am so not ready. i know it is no big deal but for me it seems so huge. i love spring ... so i am happy to see it here. can't wait. have a happy April!! big big hugs. ( ;

  12. I love your new header and also the butterfly! As always wonderful photos and very uplifting to come to see your blog. Thanks so much for being a friend to me and my blog and thanks for your comments on my blog. I try to do a few comments back each day but I am far behind!

  13. What a beautiful header you have created! Each flower is captured so perfectly, and I love your quote, awesome job! And your pictures and thoughts are always inspiring! While spring is taking a long time to get here, it is nice to reflect on past years and to be reminded of the beauty that is to come. Blessings to you sweet friend!


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