Monday, March 26, 2018

Snowy Artistry and More

With the end of March fast approaching,I am hoping that we are done with snow for this season.I am, however,realistic,knowing that in Manitoba we could have some more snow, before spring really sets in. In this post I will share some more snow scenes, simply because they are pretty.I hope you all don't mind looking at them.
We all need some eye candy from time to time so here is a lovely Dahlia from last summer's gardens.I am already looking forward to visiting the English Gardens this summer to enjoy all the flowers there.

When the right kind of snow falls, even a fence can become a work of art.

These snowy scenes were captured in early March,but are still pretty today.This was the kind of snow that clung to every branch and twig.

A shrub which, on regular days I might not even have noticed, now becomes a thing of beauty.

A few days after the snow, we had sunshine and that layer of snow began melting, forming icicles on many branches.

These icicles look so much prettier than the fake ones I sometimes see on decorated Christmas trees.
I guess the down side would be that these wouldn't last very long inside.

To end this wintery post, let's step back into September and enjoy a lovely sunset at Lake Minniwasta. This was one of those evenings that was nearly perfect.Lovely color in the sky, a calm lake surface and the quiet peace of evening.

Closing Thought:
The following are some words from a song I love.Think about this.
Your walk talks and your talk talks, 
But your walk talks louder than your talk talks. 


  1. This lake photo is gorgeous! The fence first glance I thought it was one of those pictures where you stare at it and see something in it. Beautiful Dahlia! I love seeing it, there are hardly any around here.

  2. The icicles you captured are beautiful, but then I like all of your photos.

  3. The fence is a snowy work of art but my favourite is the icicles on the branches!!

  4. i love those melting icicles, the green showing through makes it beautiful art...

  5. As always, wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a lovely, happy Easter dear Ruth ~ FlowerLady

  6. I especially enjoyed the icicles.

  7. Very beautiful photos Ruth! You captured the snowy scenes at the perfect time with all its delicate traits. I always put fake icicles on my tree, but you're right, the real ones can't be beat ;)

  8. The snow scenes are very pretty but I did enjoy the pretty flower.
    The sun set is beautiful.
    I too hope we have seen the last of the snow till next winter.

  9. I am so glad we have not had lots of snow or ice. We have rain off and on now and flowers are starting to bloom, especially the daffodils!

  10. Love seeing snow clinging to everything... JUST gorgeous.. But my favorites today are the Icicles and snow on the pine trees... That is a prize winner.


  11. So much beauty. I especially like the icicle pictures!

  12. what beautiful fence art ... i love the icicles ... so amazing. what great shots. fun snowy art. great idea or thoughts. ( ;

  13. these are so pretty ruth, i especially enjoyed the icicles!!!

  14. Ruth, wonderful winter images! I don't think I've ever seen icicles on trees like that before!


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