Saturday, April 14, 2018

10 Rules For Happiness

I am still looking back at old pictures, captured by Jake and scanned to the computer. Back when he was taking these pictures, it was slide film and after taking the picture and the film was full, it meant at least a week of waiting for the slides to come back. I really believe that photographers back then were more careful to get that right shot,because each picture cost money. No,just hitting the delete button if it didn't turn out right.

For this post I will add 10 rules for happiness that I found on the internet.

1.Give something away to someone , with no strings attached.

2.Do a kindness to someone and forget it.
(For the record,I have no idea who these people are)

3.Spend a few minutes with the aged,their experience is a 

priceless guidance.

4.Look intently into the face of a baby,and marvel.

5.Laugh often,it is life’s lubricant.

6.Give thanks to the Lord,a thousand times a day is not enough.

7.Pray,or you will lose the way.

8.Work,with vim and vigor.

9.Plan as though you’ll live forever,because you will.

10.Live as though you’ll die tomorrow,because your body will on some tomorrow.

Closing Thought:
Show a little bit of love and kindness,
That's the way to make the world a happy place.


  1. Once again, You have shown us some wonderful pictures and shared 10 really good rules for happiness! Thanks so much!

  2. Ruth, you have shown us some beautiful pictures with many thoughts to digest and put into practice. Thanks for sharing...

  3. i like all the thoughts, 5 about laughter and 9 and 10 about we all die but also live forever, are my most favorite
    the photos are magnificent and i always had half of my photos that i waited a week for to throw away. Jake had true talent and i am betting he rarely had to throw away a slide. just like Ansel Adams. about giving someone something with no strings. i have tried so many times to do that and literally every one i tried it with felt they owed me something in return. this means we have to do it to a stranger we will never see again and not a friend.

  4. what program do you use to do the see through letters in your header, please

  5. The ten rules are beautiful, but the photos are absolutely fabulous.

  6. I agree that true talent was possessed by film photographers! They had to get it all right at the time if shooting, instead of editing later. Amazing pictures you shared with a wealth of truth in the quotes. Blessings to you sweet friend!!!

  7. Beautiful rules to certainly put into action and those photos...Gorgeous!!

    Thank you for sharing your beauty with us ♡

  8. so special ruth, so beautiful!! i really enjoyed this!!

  9. Hi Ruth, I really enjoy these photos Jake took back in the film days. He was an excellent photographer! I recall the “film days” well and you are so right … there was no just hitting the shutter without regard to the cost. I also like the way you have included the 10 rules for happiness. There is truth in each one of them. Now, I was just looking at the second photo … the couple in the canoe. If that isn’t a postcard perfect picture I don’t know what one is. The seventh picture is another of my favorites for two reasons, first I think that is an Indian Paintbrush wildflower and I love to see them up in the mountains. Secondly, because that is just a great perspective for the shot with the wildflower in the foreground and the beautiful mountains in the back. Thanks for sharing another excellent post! Wishing you a fine week ahead! John

  10. Beautiful photos & thoughts. I especially like the 2nd photo!

  11. I'll add to John's comment another reason to like #7...the old cars. If Jake had been shooting today, he might have cropped those cars out or erased them from the image with photo editing software. But sometimes those little details captured in old photos makes them extra special when viewed later. This is another beautiful set from Jake's archives. The 10 rules for happiness are good reminders, too.

  12. i really try to laugh and laugh a lot each and every day ... a good ole' belly laugh that you feel in fingers, toes and every where. love those. great post. well said. have a great week. ( :

  13. The pictures are so gorgeous...and the sayings went well with them. I like the walk with vim and vigor with bright flowers.

  14. You must have a great scanner...these pics look like they came out of the camera! You are right about that was so expensive to buy and develop those photos. I got my 35 mm Pentax when Aaron was a baby and still have it. It would definitely be hard to go back! Love the 10 rules!

  15. Such wise words. All the photos are just gorgeous. Favorite is the very fist one!!! Wonderful colors love how the red ones are in focus.


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