Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Look Back Though The Old Album

This post has some old, scanned photos, some newer ones and it takes us to various locations and seasons.I would love for you to join me as we travel around to see check out the scenes, both near and far.

This first fall scene is at a small nature preserve near where I live, called Binney Corner.
I am fairly certain that I took this shot.

Another photo from the same general location and the same photographer.

Also one I captured at Binny Corner.

I have Amur Maples on my yard and they have some of the  most gorgeous fall colors. Whether the leaves are on the trees or on the lawn, they paint a lovely scene.

Now for some photos I did not take and am not sure where they  were taken.I encourage you to just enjoy the beauty.

I seem to remember that Jake has told me this is somewhere in British Columbia. It really doesn't matter, because I have no plans of ever crossing a bridge like that.

I cannot say where this is, but it does look spectacular.

This is the Devil's Tower in Wyoming.I was there but at that time did not have a camera.This was taken by Jake.

This little island is called Spirit Island and is on Moraine Lake near Banff,Alberta.To see this you take a boat ride way to the back of the lake.It is quite amazing to see this. I am thinking this picture was taken on our honeymoon,many years ago.

Closing Thought:
Photography is not about cameras, gadgets and gismos. 
Photography is about photographers. 
A camera didn’t make a great picture any more 
than a typewrite wrote a great novel. 
Peter Adams 


  1. I'm with you on this bridge. Or should I say OFF this bridge. Love the waterfall! But the very first photo is the one that has my heart.

  2. I really enjoyed your pics, especially the one of the bridge. It is amazing as you drive towards Devils Tower how it stands out so far in the distance.

  3. Seeing that bridge makes my feet felt like jelly. That;s brave of you to cross it and have photo taken there

  4. i can hardly stand to see someone else on one of these bridges and would never be on one, but it is beautiful as are all the photos from the past, you and I are joining several more of our friends in archive diving. and i say bring them on. beauty is beauty no matter the year it took. i do love that quote about photographers at the end and agree 100 percent

  5. Very beautiful scenery! Your photos are wonderful.

  6. I love your photos from Binney Corner. Thank you so much. The trees are so amazing!

  7. Lovely shots! The bridge is Capilano Suspension Bridge! When you cross it there is a park on the other side with a walkway built to walk int he canopy of the trees!

  8. I so enjoy all the beauty of your area. Our part of East Texas is very pretty, but we don't have near the landscapes that you all have.

  9. I really like that quote. These photos are absolutely fabulous, Ruth. Boy, I could surely spend some time at your wonderful Binny Corner. The other places are stunning as well!

  10. Beautiful photos... WOW---that waterfall picture is AWESOME...... I'd love to see that one.... Amazing!

    You are correct... It's not about the camera... It's about that person who took the picture!!!!! There's just so much beauty all over this world we live in... I was just looking at a blog post today from Washington State... The lady was showing pictures of miles and miles of TULIPS ---all colors, shapes, sizes.... I just sat there smiling and feeling as if I was in heaven!!!!


  11. Oh what beautiful photos, all of them. I'd love to walk across that bridge. 😊
    Wow that waterfall is amazing.

  12. Beautiful photo memories, Ruth! Autumn is my favorite season so I really enjoyed those photos, and Devil's Tower, which I visited once on a trip to Wyoming.

  13. gorgeous autumn colors. i enjoyed seeing them today!!

  14. You sound like me about that bridge - no way. Pretty shot, though. Beautiful shots like these are timeless. Thanks for posting, Ruth. Diane

  15. The waterfall would be a sight to see, for sure. I love the beautiful fall colors and white tree trunks in the photos from Binney Corner.

  16. Awesome photos! I really enjoyed looking back in your photo memories.

  17. Hi Ruth, What a wonderful closing thought and so true! I enjoyed all of these photos from the archives. In your last comment on my blog I especially appreciated what you said about my sharing the photos of the ships. One of these days I recommend a cruise to Alaska from Vancouver or Seattle. I think you would love it. Take care and best regards from Seattle. John

  18. Stunning...the scenery is pretty but I must say I favor the maples in your yard!

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