Thursday, May 31, 2018

Spring Flowers

Time to bid farewell to May.
May has brought hot weather to my part of the country.The warmth is great, now some areas are just needing a little more rain, but that too, will come when God sees fit to send it.

Today,I start out with a couple of pictures taken earlier in spring. The male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is a beautiful bird and one I look forward to enjoying for a short time in spring.They seem to pass through, so I usually only see them for a few days.

Isn't he handsome?

The rest of this post is all about flowers.I love flowers and am always looking for new photos of them. I found these at a place I least expected to see anything.Just driving along a country road,I spotted this apple tree in the ditch and it was covered with blooms.Of course that meant I had to stop and get some pictures.

I wandered down the back lane to my neighbours yard and one day was thrilled to see the hedge of Lilacs was covered in these luscious blooms.

Look what I found right behind my house! There is one small cherry tree, possibly a wild cherry of sorts, but the blossoms are so pretty.If I watch carefully,I may be able to catch the birds feeding on these cherries in fall.

The Mountain Ash on my yard is not looking all that good, but it still manages to produce some flowers.This bee seemed to enjoy the sweet treat.

I bought a potted Sunflower earlier in spring.I like the bright and cheery blooms.While I was watering the plants,I noticed this and knew that I had better hurry to get the camera, before those droplets had evaporated.

For those who follow me on Facebook,you already know my love for the Fern Leaf Peony.I've wanted one for years, but they seemed too costly.Well,when some friends moved into a different house,I noticed this Peony growing in one of the flower beds.I just commented on how lucky she was to have this and how I have always wanted one but had never bought myself one.A few days later she is on my yard with a black garbage bag and this plant inside.In her words,'she wanted to bless me with this plant'. She certainly did that.It has been a gift that keeps on giving.

Something To Think About:
Your mind is a garden.
Your thoughts are the seeds.
You can grow flowers,
Or you can grow weeds.


  1. Spring growth always brightens my life.

  2. ove the Woodpecker and of course al the blossom are gorgeous Ruth. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Ruth, a wonderful post! I love all your images!

  4. The Fern Leaf Peony is gorgeous and so is your new header. The rose looks like velvet. Happy June, Ruth

  5. Love that poem at the very true! We don't have yellow-bellied sapsuckers around beautiful. Gorgeous, gorgeous blooms...have never seen the fern leaf peony!

  6. oh he is handsome ruth....everything today is especially beautiful, I love the sunflower!!!

    and what a wonderful gift from your dear friend. that's a flower you will treasure forever, and think of her each time you see it. some people are just so kind!!! have a wonderful sunday!!!

  7. Beautiful photos as usual. Amazing captures of the sapsucker. I just love the sunflower, and the water droplets.

  8. Hi Ruth, the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is indeed a handsome bird. The flowers are beautiful, especially the Peony. That is a neat story how it ended up in your garden. Your June header is wonderful too! You finished with an excellent closing thought. Great post! Thanks, as always, for sharing! (And thanks for confirming the Osprey in my post.)

    1. Thanks John. Appreciate your visits and comments.

  9. That fern-leaf peony is gorgeous! What a sweet friend you have.

  10. Love your quote and the flower blossoms reminds us of a new birth and a new season...beautiful pictures.

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  12. Hello Ruth, just hopping across from Debbie's blog to visit you!
    Such a lovely post, I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    I do like the words you've used at the end of your post too.
    Happy June Wishes

    All the best Jan

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