Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Return of the Birds

It is that time of year when my eyes are often towards the sky.Birds are returning to this area and one just never knows what might appear in the sky.
I apologize that someone the birds are farther away than I would like them to be, but I just have no control over that.

 The Northern Pintail Duck is a sleek and distinguished bird. Thus far they have not given me great opportunities for pictures, so I must take what I get. This pair in flight is quite lovely, in my opinion.

When I heard that there were several White-faced Ibis at one of the Kaleida Marshes,I had to go and find them.Again they were too far away, but the larger bird is the Ibis.I will not attempt to identify the other two waders.

A very common bird in these parts, in summer is the Ring-billed Gull.Since there are so many, they are relatively easy photo subjects.

I caught this one just as he was getting a snack of some sort.

Last but not least is the Turkey Vulture.What they lack for in beauty on their faces, they make up in those beautiful wings, as they soar through the sky.

To Think About:
Plunge into the blessings of spring…
the sprouting of trees and grass,
the sound of birds returning from their winter furlough,
the daffodils and tulips.


  1. Spring is such of time renewal and a time of coming to life again, thank you for your post and beautiful pictures.

  2. I always love looking at your birds! I think my favorite is the gull plucking a treat out of the water. We are overrun with turkey vultures! And more come each day.

  3. Like Ginny, we're seeing more and more turkey vultures every year. Soon they'll be like Canada geese. ;) You captured some beauties here. The shots of the gull are especially nice.

  4. Love the gull coming in for a capture.

    1. Love the first photo, so sharp and clean and I have never seen them before. all the photos are beautiful and except for the first could be photos taken here in FL.

  5. Watching the birds never gets tiresome. It's a constant show God gives us. Diane

  6. These are lovely photos, even if the birds didn't always get as close as you would have liked.

  7. Ha Ha --- YES---a Turkey Vulture is MUCH prettier while at a distance and while flying....

    Love that Pintail Duck. I have never heard of that one. He is a pretty one for sure.

    Welcome to Spring.

  8. Great bird shots. What lens do your use?

  9. That is a lovely sight to see the two birds flying together.
    Turkey buzzards are so graceful as they soar above.

  10. You know avid birder!! Such a special treat today with your photos!

  11. You know avid birder!! Such a special treat today with your photos!

  12. Glad to see your birds are returning, Ruth. Enjoy your spring!

  13. I love bird watching, especially on beautiful sunny days. Have a blessed day!

  14. You certainly do get some wonderful bird action shots. These are awesome!

  15. Oh, I am so ready to be able to go birding! I enjoyed seeing yours..


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