Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Photos and Memories

These pictures have been waiting to be posted for quite a while now.I wondered if I should post them, but as I think about it, it seems very appropriate to do so and to do it now.You see these were all taken when Jake and I walked these tails together.They bring back wonderful memories,and perhaps even more so, because on Saturday,June 9th it will be 46 years since we said, till death us do part.Death has parted us, but it is temporary.We will be together again and this time there will be no parting.

So on to the beauty that we captured many years ago.I do believe that I have taken all these shots.
If memory serves me right, these were all taken in the Assiniboine Forest,within the city limits of Winnipeg.

I love these white birch trunks among the green grass and leaves.

The above photos as well as the next two, were taken in summer.Everything was lush and green.

Walking along these trails was so enjoyable.I recall that I had to stop every few steps and get yet another picture.

We came back to the same place later that year, just as the leaves were beginning to change color. It was delightful.

More birch trees.The golden light adds to the beauty.

Beauty around every bend in the trail. The fall color is very evident, even in the grasses.

As the sun lights up those yellow leaves, they seem to glow.

 I love scenes like this.The bend in the pathway makes me want to see what is just around that bend.

Truthfully,I have not been back to this place since that day when Jake and I were there. I would love to go back sometime, but would rather not do it all alone.At least I have the pictures and the memories.

Something To Think About:

Never measure God's unlimited power by your limited expectations.


  1. i love the bloom (rose) at the top of your blog. love the birch pics ... we don't have those here in VA. i think they remind me of a picture (painting) as a kid ... so amazing!! what great shots!! keepers!! ( ;

  2. Such Beautiful pictures Ruth. All wallhangers. :)

  3. Ruth, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos and very touching personal memories with us!

  4. Thanks Ruth, for sharing you memories about this area. Love birch trees too!

    Sharing this link (I think you love it)

  5. I know you still miss Jake and will until the day you meet again in heaven... these are so beautiful, maybe someone will volunteer to take you for a visit there.

  6. I'm glad you posted these photos, Ruth. The scenery is beautiful, and I hope your memories of those walks are everybit as beautiful as well.

  7. Such a scenic walk! I always remember my husband during outdoor times as we did camping and hiking and such together. Wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing such beauty.

  8. What a beautiful trail to walk through the aspens, and sweet memories for you, Ruth.

  9. What beautiful places you and Jake walked. Wonderful to have such good memories.

  10. beautiful places to walk with your love, the birch trees are gorgeous. i hope you celebrate that special day!!!

  11. What beautiful memories, Ruth. You really should go back, maybe tomorrow. Maybe with your son. A beautiful anniversary of the heart to you.

  12. The magic of photography is the capturing of a scene in a moment of time. We often don't realize, at the time the photo is made, that the real magic is found in the memories that photo has also captured. This post is a good reminder of that. These beautiful images remind you, not only of the place where you were when those moments in time were captured, but also of the very special person who was with you. Enjoy the memories, Ruth, even as you anticipate the reunion.

  13. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. It really makes you feel at peace looking at these photos. Hope these beautiful pictures help keep those great memories alive. Have a great weekend.
    World of Animals

  14. It is mind boggling when we walk through God"s creation and see such unexplainable beauty and order...there is no way to leave and not know there is a God and He is alive. It is so amazingly beautiful that we just want to take picture after picture because it is so hard to grasp such beauty and order.
    Thank you for sharing that special path that you and Jake walked together.

  15. A Beautiful post Ruth! Thinking of you!!

  16. Glad I finally caught up and saw this post.... How special that you have so many wonderful photos of your times with Jake.... People who don't take pictures are really missing out on some memories. I love those paths --and YES, I do want to see what is around that bend!!!!!! Love the white birch trees.

    I know that Thursday was a hard day for you --but now it is your birthday, so we can all praise God for YOU.... Hope you have an awesome day.

    Much Love,

    1. Thanks.I am having a fantastic day.God has even seen fit to send us some much needed rain today.

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  18. Very nice post really ! I apperciate your blog Thanks for sharing,keep sharing more blogs.


  19. I really enjoyed this beautiful sharing of a precious time in your life... such a beautiful setting to walk and take pictures with Jake. I can imagine how hard it would be to go back without him. I just love the birches lining the pathways, gorgeous! You take such lovely photos. Perhaps you can visit this beautiful place again with family or friend to be there with you. Blessings and hugs :)

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