Saturday, June 30, 2018

Some Favourites

Another month is coming to an end and my two month summer holiday has begun.As a school bus driver,I look forward to July and August,to have a little break from rigid schedules.

I am sharing a few recent images that I like.There is no special theme to this post, just a few favourites.
I thought this was a pretty scene.Wide open pasture, mostly a clear blue sky and a few fence posts to frame the scene.

Anyone who follows me of Facebook or this blog, knows that I love to watch the sky. Some dark skies just before sunset, added interest to the sky.

As the sun set,I was looking for something different to use in the photo.A coupe of thistle flowers were the perfect choice at least in my opinion.

The clouds never fail to amaze me.Sometimes they are all billowy and white, and at other times, like this, they send long fingers into the sky.

I can't explain just why I love this shot,but I really do like it.The road, leading to the distance and then those beautiful clouds, make for a pleasing image to me.

Something To Think About:
As both Canada and the USA celebrate special days this coming week,Canada,celebrating Canada Day on the first of July and the USA,Independence Day on the fourth, let's celebrate our freedoms.Let us also not forget to pray for our nations and for the leaders.


  1. the thistle, the thistle, I love the thistle... that sky is spectacular. and my favorite is the sparkling in the sun barbwire fence. it looks like it was decorated with lights for a holiday. I forgot to say Happy Canada day to you, late but here

  2. I do love that barbed wire shot and all the sky shots, especially the last one.

  3. Love love love your header. Happy Canada Day... I am having 10 family members here on July 4th.... They say it is going to be a HOT HOT HOT day here...

    Love your shots. I too love clouds and sky pictures. The 'fingers' one is GREAT.


  4. Happy Canada Day, Ruth. I can understand why these photos are favorites -- they're gorgeous.

  5. WoW!! these are all so special!! enjoy your time off from driving that bus, i have always admired the fact that you work so hard. and happy canada day ruth, i hope you have a wonderful summer!!!

  6. Great shots, really love the thistle silhouette.

    Have a great holiday week and a wonderful summer vacation ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. Every picture is beautiful but the first one is my favorite. Happy Canada Day.
    Enjoy your nice long holiday. : 0

  8. Happy canada Day Ruth These photographs are ALL stunnning and I love your header. Have a wonderful week.

  9. Good reminder: pray! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing photos.

  10. Amen to your final thought, Ruth. Your photos are beautiful. At first I thought the sunset one was of a fire. So vivid.

  11. I'm really glad you do watch the sky ... great shots. so amazing. what fun. hope you are having a great day!! take care. the humidity and heat is so wild lately. ( ;

  12. So many splendid sky photos, Ruth. Enjoy your vacation. It looks so green there - we badly need rain.


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