Wednesday, July 18, 2018

As Seen Along the Way

As many of you already know,I went on a one week road trip.It was an enjoyable week, albeit,somewhat tiring.I,together with three friends went to Red Deer,Ablerta to take part in Canada's Gospel Music Celebration.The music and singing were awesome.Perhaps at another time I will share some photos of the event, but for now,I want to share a few sights I saw along the way.

The first night, after checking into our rooms,I was told that the area was under a tornado watch.Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but it gave me reason to watch the sky,as if I need a reason. The storm clouds passed over, without incident and then I saw this sight. This is taken through a less than clean motel window.

The drive through Saskatchewan and Alberta,can be quite lovely.The bright yellow of the Canola fields, with a sky partly clouded, but showing enough blue to be pretty, make for a fun drive. Yes,I did stop at the side of the road to get each of these shots.

As we were approaching the Calgary area, the majestic Rocky Mountains of Canada came into view.Even from a long distance away they are gorgeous. Once again the Canola field adds extra interest.

One picture just is not enough of a sight like this. This particular scene was on our way home.Part of me wanted to turn west to get closer to this beauty, but the pull toward home was stronger.

It was part of my goal, for this trip, to photograph one of the Pronghorn Antelope,so often seen in Alberta and Saskatchewan.I finally had my chance, and it was a thrill. I have seen these animals often, but not when I had a camera with me.

At a roadside stop,I was amazed by the simple beauty of the landscape.I might say that this is a typical prairie scene, open sky and a view that goes on for many miles.

As nice as it is to go away, home is still the best.With the heat we had, one of the first things I needed to do was water my plants. 

Something To Think About:
All beauty is God’s handwriting.


  1. Oh, Ruth, your pictures are wonderful! I know your whole trip must have been wonderful, too. Thanks for sharing! Don't you just love road trips?

  2. All magnificent photos, Ruth. The storm looked ominous--I'm glad it passed without bringing a tornado. The pronghorn was handsome and the golden canola fields so beautiful, and the Rocky Mountains are always a thrill to see!

  3. Your clouds are called Mammatus. So these brilliant fields are canola! We have fields around here that look like this, I wonder if this is what they are? Great shot of the Antelope! What a gorgeous trip!

  4. Dear Ruth ~ What beautiful photos of fantastic scenery, clouds and that antelope. Glad you did not have a tornado.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  5. A gorgeous part of the world!

    Love the quote at the end about beauty.

  6. I really need to visit western Canada. Your photos of the landscape are gorgeous. I'm glad you didn't have a tornado during your trip, but the sky you pictured from that stop is beautiful. I'm glad you had a good trip and made it home safe and sound.

  7. that antelope has the cutest butt. love that photo. and the canola fields are amazing. never seen that or an antelope. a wonderful trip made better by friends and music

  8. I love that second shot, with the canola field in the foreground and the distance and sky in the background. Beautiful!

  9. Oh My---what an awesome trip. You know how much I love mountains ---and those mountains in the Calgary area are AWESOME.....

    Can't wait to hear more about this wonderful trip.


  10. Nice shots! Glad you had a good time and the storm was not a problem!

  11. What a beauty the pronghorn antelope is. I've never seen one.
    What a fantastic picture of the clouds. It looks like a painting.

  12. Beautiful pictures, Ruth. The Rockies are always gorgeous, aren't they? Glad your home safely. Diane

  13. such a pretty area of the world but there is no place like home!!!

    gorgeous yellow bloom...reminding us how sun shiny summer is!!!


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