Friday, August 31, 2018

Manitoba Nature

As we step into September and the fall season,I want to encourage you to enjoy every moment.
I am still amazed at all the beauty that is to be found in my part of the world.

Take a moment to enjoy some Manitoba Nature.
Driving along a country road I saw this family of Eastern Kingbirds. They were gracious enough to allow me a picture or two.

The herd of Bison which is just west of town, don't really care if I stop or take pictures. These are raised for market,I think some of them may be sold for meat.I know that I have seen Bison meat on the grocery store shelves.

Blue sky, puffy clouds, some water for reflections and the green grass are all it takes to make a lovely scene.

Acres of Sunflowers with that same blue sky and those same puffy clouds, also make a great shot.These spots were actually several miles apart, but taken on the same day.

So,I just had to get a little closer to those Sunflowers.

The destination that day was Pelican Lake,about an hour and a half drive from my house, but worth the trip.The sailboats were all in harbour but still made a pretty scene.

On the drive home we stopped to enjoy these gentle giants in the St.Leon area.

Something To Think About:
A new day,a new sunrise,a new month,a new blessing.


  1. Oh my, what wondrous and beautiful things you have tonight! I have never seen a field with so many sunflowers!! And the windmills in combination with the green ground and beautiful clouded sky is lovely. Oh my, I do have trouble telling kind birds apart from swallows! We have no bison around here. I think they may have less fat to eat?

  2. That field of sunflowers takes my breath away!! ALL your photos today are spectacular!

  3. Beautiful photos as always from you dear Ruth. I love the field of sunflowers. We used to see fields of these when we lived in Spain while DH was in the US Navy. Your photo brings back happy memories.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Yes, you are right, so much beauty all around us. Wonderful pictures and I love the field of sunflowers.
    Gentle Giants, great name for the turbines. They mesmerize me watching them go round and round. Though I can't see them from my house they are not that far away.

  5. I have never seen a field of sunflowers and they are my favorite flower.. miles of them, so beautiful. I was all happy and ooh and ahhh over the buffalo and how handsome he is, then I read that he is part of our food chain. phooey... the first pic of the three little birds, the bottom left is singing his heart out, his little beak is wide open. they are so cute. you live in a beautiful place.

  6. Love the little king birds! Great shots!

  7. Such a great set of images, Ruth. That field of sunflowers is definitely my favorite, although all are lovely.

  8. this IS such a beautiful time of year!! i can't believe all that you see in your part of the world. it is sunflower season here too, and there are many fields that we will be visiting!!! your images are stunning!!

  9. Thanks for sharing all the beauty of Manitoba with us. Your photos are gorgeous.

  10. You live in a beautiful place, Ruth, and captured the approaching change of seasons so well in your photos.

  11. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. To paraphrase - let him (her) who has eyes to see, see what God has created for us.

    Thanks for dropping by, Ruth.

  12. Yes time is flying by! I love seeing the beauty you found on your trip. The sunflowers are gorgeous....nice the birds let you take their picture. Bison meat I have never had? The wind turbines are gentle giants

  13. Wait until you get my age, then you will learn really how fast time goes. Enjoyed all the great scenes you shared.

  14. You do live in a beautiful place Ruth and your photos show it off so well! cheers, Nora

  15. I looked at the first picture and absolutely loved it.....the three birds sitting on the fence....and then I scrolled on down as I was reading and the very next picture caught my eye. A gorgeous Buffalo. Each photo well deserves it's spot right here on your post. They are all great......

  16. Beautifu photos and I woujld love to see that ield of Sunlowers. Stunning

  17. I am always astonished by your beautiful photography, Ruth.
    That shot of the fence and Eastern Kingbirds is awesome!
    Your countryside is gorgeous, thank you for sharing your beauty with us.
    Your header is lovely.

    Bless you ♡

  18. Thanks for your good words and amazing photos! I love your "oostelijke Kingbirds". What a nice birds. They are new for me.

  19. Love your header..... Yes---welcome to September... Hard to believe, isn't it? I think you went to work this morning... Good Luck for another great year!!!!!

    We hope to see bison soon --when we head west....

    Oh and the sunflowers.... Awesome... We missed them this year at Biltmore.

    Have a great week.

  20. WOW! That is the biggest field of sunflowers I have ever seen!!!!


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