Friday, September 21, 2018

English Garden Flowers

It is. a cloudy and cool fall days perhaps some cheery flowers are in order.These were taken on September 1st of this year.
I just had to make another trip to Winnipeg and The English Gardens.There is always beauty to be found there.

A simple, single rose highlighted by the sun, makes for a pretty picture.

This large Dahlia was eye-catching.

Another Dahlia,a little smaller, but so bright,I had to take notice of it.

I think these Dahlias look so neat and tidy and yet they have such an impact.Just look at those neatly arranged petals!

No,not a flower with petals, but rather one with wings. The Monarch Butterfly is a sight to behold. This one had a tag on it's wing.

A little bit of patience paid off as it finally sat and opened it's wings so I could get this picture.

The old-fashioned Zinnia,is a pretty as any flower.

The Ruby-throated Hummingbirds were busy, but these two seemed to have some sort of disagreement. I gave me an opportunity for some pictures, for which I was thankful.

Something To Think About:
Life is full of Beautiful Things
….soft sunrise,cool winds,
pretty flowers,quiet moments,
love and laughter and good friends like you.


  1. I am stunned with all this beauyt? RUTH!! PICTURE POST CARD PERFECTION!

  2. Once again...your photos have captivated me!
    Beauty upon beauty and that monarch butterfly, awesome!
    We did not have as many hummingbirds this years as we usually have and I think it is because we are always away in Canada during the time they arrive. I leave out feeders and a friend looks after them, but maybe they want us here when they arrive, not sure why.
    Last year we could count 35 around the feeders, not this year. :{

    Thank you for sharing your beauty with us, I just love my visits with you!

  3. Beautiful photos, Ruth. I love the lighting in them as well as the subjects. The hummingbirds are my favorite! I wonder how the buttergly got a tag on its wing?

  4. Absolutely stunning flowers - and your photos of them! You know my fond memories of the English Gardens!! Thank you!

  5. Such stunning photos, Ruth. My eyes are on color overload! :) The rose is so pretty against the dark background. And that first Dahlia has such interesting shading on its perfect petals. The Monarch photos are wonderful. I've never encountered one with a tag, although I know it's a common practice to tag them.

  6. Gorgeous pictures! I have never seen a patterned dahlia in real life, only solid colors. This one is gorgeous. I have always loved how their petals are so perfectly curved. It looks like the butterfly has a price tag on it!

  7. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! and how fun to find a "tagged" monarch, we have a program here that i have thought about getting involved with!!!

  8. Dear Ruth ~ such wonderful photos of God's beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing this lovely garden with us here.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  9. all of the flowers are STUNNING... and I laughed out loud at the last bird shot. they are so precious, I am still smiling. those dalias could not be any more perfect

  10. Perfect lighting to accent the awesome beauty of God's creation. And you were able to witness it live. The two hummingbirds seem to be conversing. I witnessed a similar exchange earlier this summer here. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your pictures are all wonderful. God created lots of awesome beauty for us to enjoy! I've never seen a tagged Butterfly before. I bet whoever tagged it would be interested in that picture!

  12. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images from the English Gardens. The dahlias are gorgeous!

  13. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us. They are all really relaxing to look at after a hard day at work. The Dahlias petals we agree with you on how they are really neat to look at. Hope you are having a great start to your weekend. Love to see more wonderful posts like this from you in the future.
    World of Animals

  14. Oh those flowers are beautiful and the butterfly too. Never did see a butterfly tagged before. Must be hard to tag one!!

  15. Wondering why the butterfly was tagged.

  16. the Rose image is ezquisite. The first dahlia variety I had on my blog last week, very unusual. Have a good week ahead Ruth.

  17. Hi There, I am finally try to catch up some with blog posts.. I'm so far behind--and seem to stay that way. I always love your posts. The lighting in that first post was PERFECT.... Loved it.

    And the first Dahlia was gorgeous... Wow....

    My Mom's favorite flower was Zinnias...


  18. Absolutely breathtaking photos, Ruth! I love all of them. I once watched some folks tagging Monarch Butterflies. It was interesting to see them placing the mylar tags on the wings and then releasing them. Your flowers are so pretty and the hummingbirds - gasp! I'd love to see them like this someday. So special. :)


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