Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Sunset Diversity

It's a busy week for me, watching National Quartet Convention from Pigeon Forge,Tennessee. No,I'm not there in person, but watching live streaming.Thankfully,I had prepared a few posts ahead of time so I will share this now.
As you all know,I love watching the sky and what better time to do that, than at sunset.
Each sunset has beauty but each one if different.Sometimes even thirty minutes or more can change the look of a sunset.
I will show these starting from the most recent to the older ones.

Taken on September 13,2018,just west of Morden.

A Lake Minniwasta sunset onSeptember 11,2018

Sometimes the most unexpected results appear in a picture.This is also September 11,2018.I like the flares that happened as a result of shooting directly into the sun.

September 1,2018, at 7:06pm,looking west.

September 1,2018, at 7:31pm,looking northwest. 
Both pictures taken from the exact same location, just looking a slightly different direction. Both taken from the east side of Lake Minniwasta.

Something to Think About:
Regarding age-
In God’s eyes the sunset is just as beautiful as the sunrise.
It’s up to us to live as though we believe it.


  1. The last one is my favorite, truly heavenly! And also the rainbow rays you captured!

  2. All so Beautiful.The last one is my Favorite as.

  3. they are all gorgeous, my favorite today is the first one, pulls me in and want to stare at it.

  4. Absolutely stunning sky shots! Love every one!

  5. Wow! Beautiful captures of these sunsets. I think the first one might be my favorite in this set; but, if I come back and look again later, that might change.

  6. Truly awesome! Just like snowflakes, all sunsets/sunrises are different. Spectacular!

  7. MAgnificent Ruth, all of them God is so good to give us all these to enjoy.

  8. Oh My heart ----awesome set of pictures... The one that caught my eye today was the Sunbeam Flares. LOVED that so much...


  9. Hi Ruth, Wonderful photos, each and every one! That third photo is just amazing. You should consider entering it in a photo contest! :-) Thanks, as always, for your kind words on my blog. Take good care and have a fine week ahead! John

  10. Beautiful captures of sunsets. My favorite is the first one for Sept. 1st. Those layered bottom clouds are so far in the distance, just amazing.

    Enjoy your week and happy fall ~ FlowerLady

  11. Oh wow these are gorgeous skies. Favorite is number 4

  12. Gorgeous!! Every single shot is breathtaking and you cant help but think on our Great God, Who paints them with the touch of His finger.
    You could make a calendar with your photos.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ♡

  13. i love your posts, can u believe October is almost here? my Mom's birthday. what fun. hope ur days are going okay. thanks for always visiting my blog ...u r so kind, sweet and lovable. be busy. got back from a camping trip, have a cold, so much laundry and cleaning ...it is just silly. i am trying to take it slow. nuts! ( ;

  14. These photos are all beautiful! I hope you're enjoying the National Quartet Convention.

  15. thank goodness for technology, i'm sure you are enjoying the convention from your computer. these captures are all so lovely, the sunset almost never looks the same way twice. i favor the last one!!!

  16. What stunning photos! Those skies are pure magic! What a beautiful world we live in. I hope you're enjoying yourself! :)

  17. Isn't incredible how just turning a bit to the west or north or south, you get a totally different perspective in the skies! All your sunset shots are breathtaking Ruth! Love the sun flares, and the gorgeous colors painted in the skies... oh what a magnificent Lord we serve who creates such beauty for us to enjoy! And I enjoyed your quote about sunrise or sunset in our lives... great thought! Blessings and hugs :)


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