Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Something Old

This is a post of a different sort. I don't usually photograph a lot of manmade objects.My eyes are drawn to the beauty of nature all around me, but when riding with a friend, sometimes I see beauty in different things.
I have been by this old truck many, many times, but never took the time to really have a look at it.
When my friend suggested we stop and get pictures,I did just that and found that even an old truck has some appeal.

Once upon a time, this truck was the pride and joy of someone.Perhaps the owner was a young man, who couldn't wait to take this vehicle for a ride and show it off to his buddies.

Today it sits, abandoned at the side of a field. The beauty of what it once was is gone.

Similarly, this old building was once brand new and ready to be used. Today it is likely home, only to a few mice and maybe a bat or two.

Those boards that are worn and weak  were once new and sturdy. No doubt, someone took a lot of time to build this and had great plans for it.

Here on this old earth, everything gets old and breaks down, even the human body, but one look at the moon and we are looking at the moon exactly as it was when that truck was new and the building had just been completed. That kind of puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

Something to Think About:
Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never arrive.
But I have today.
Knowing these facts can give a faith-lift and perhaps even a face-lift.


  1. Well surely you must know that I love this. I am drawn to rusty, crusty old vehicles and delapidated old buildings as well and the beauty of God's creation makes for the best backgrounds!

  2. Your moon photo is gorgeous! This truck and even the building may have been greatly loved in their time. I look at them as field sculptures with heart. I think they look good there, ghosts of the past.

  3. That old truck has a handsome design and was once useful. Sad to see it rusting away, people do restore them but it looks too late for this one. It looks good in your photos.

  4. Oh my...
    Your commentary today is priceless!! The pictures...extraordinary. WELL DONE Ruth. Well done.

  5. Great photos of old things that lost their original beauty, but still have a beauty unique for them. The moon is always beautiful.

    Happy Fall dear Ruth ~ FlowerLady

  6. You not only found beauty in these old things but also a wonderful perspective on life and the way we should live.

  7. oh ruth, can you start up that truck and come and get me. windows down, we would look great riding around in it!!

    a great "something to think about" my thoughts always!!!

  8. So much inspiration to take a second look and thought on the blogs today. Thanks for sharing. I have a set of hashtags on instagram just for 'abandoned and weathered' photos.

  9. I love man made objects and have snapped zillions of them. this truck is beautiful, I love your perspective on the truck and the barn, as it was and is and will be. sad but true story of decay... the good news is our bodies will decay but they will one day be perfect for ever more, unlike the truck and barn

  10. Ahh, the old things would have wonderful stories to tell. Tales of laughter, tears, joy and sorrow. Our human elders also have such stories, and I hope that they are not cast aside,as we sometimes hear of, with no one to listen to their tales.

  11. Food for thought today and most interesting. Thank you.

  12. Some things do not last forever. Gorgeous shots of the old car and the tumbled down house

  13. When I see old vehicles and old homes/buildings, I always wonder about their lives and their glory days!!!! I use the phrase: "If walls/cars/trucks/homes, etc. could talk" ---well, we'd hear some great stories, wouldn't we?


  14. You made a great tie-in with the moon in this post. Well done.

  15. All beautiful, Ruth. The moon is always fascinating. When I look at the moon I think my friends around the world are looking at the same moon. It's new and yet it's old. My grandpa used to pick me up and point at the moon and show me the man in the moon. Blessings, Ruth

  16. Great perspective on what matters and is permanent. I do, however, admire people who have the skills to take an old truck like that and restore it to new - so someone else can enjoy it.

    Loved your fall shots (and song) in your previous post too).

  17. So lovely, Ruth. I mostly take nature photos, but definitely am drawn toward photos like this that show history with such wonderful texture and atmosphere. I'm old enough that I remember old trucks like that when they were still on the road and that old barn may have been still standing. :)


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