Saturday, November 24, 2018

Raindrops on Leaves

In early fall,I came home from work to find a host of photo opportunities on my lawn.The following photos are all from that one morning. I will add the words to a powerful song that my friends Legacy Five have recorded, called, One Thing God Can't Do. If you  are interested, you can listen to this song at the following link:One Thing God Can't Do

He spoke our very world into existence, 
One gentle breath brought everything to life; 

He is never bound by time or distance, 
Every knee will one day bow before his might.

The storms of life will sometimes try to break us, 
On days when we can’t feel Him in our hearts; 

But He said he’d never leave us or forsake us; 
His love will always find us where we are.

Oh He gave us all He had to give; 
He died for me and you; 
But there’s one thing that my God can never do 

For there’s just one thing God can’t do 
And that’s stop loving you, 
Even when you feel you‘ve gone too far to ever come back home, 
He can do all things impossible, there’s no mountain He can’t move; 

But there’s one thing God can’t do and that’s stop loving you.


  1. Good words and beautiful photos. My favorite is the one with the yellow leaf.

  2. True words to the song. Wonderful pictures of raindrops on Fall leaves!

  3. Beautiful images. I especially like the last one.

  4. and how very thankful I am for that. : )
    Beautiful pictures of the leaves with raindrops.

  5. Beautiful words and photos. I love seeing the drops on the leaves.... Neat!!!


  6. each and every one of these photos is extraordinary! so very beautiful. and the words are wonderful, as is the song they sing... you made excellent use of your photo opportunity.

  7. The song is absolutely beautiful -- and true! Your photos are gorgeous.

  8. Beautiful song and words and God really does paint a masterpiece this time of year.
    I stopped by your blog from Sandra at Madsnapper.
    I always enjoy your comments on her blog and thought I would stop by.
    I posted some leaves too that I call the Masterpieces of God.
    Sue of photowannabe

  9. these images are really special ruth and so beautiful!! leaves, natures free decorations!!

  10. The lyrics gave me goose bumps. Incredible words to remember...and incredibly BEAUTIFUL images.

  11. Hi Ruth, What a wonderful post. Great photos and I love the way you included the song. I just happened to be looking at this post early on Monday morning and thinking ... what a blessing to start the week with this post. God bless you Ruth and have a great week ahead! John

  12. Lovely and touching. I also enjoy the beauty of dew or rain!


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