Sunday, November 18, 2018

Seasons of Beauty

The saying is that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'.
I believe that is very true in nature.Some folks see beauty, where others see nothing extraordinary at all. I challenge you to see the beauty which is right before you.

I don't have to travel far from my home to see the beauty at Lake Minniwasta. That view changes with the seasons and the time of day.
Sunset is sure to add a golden glow to the lake and the surrounding trees.

On a misty, snowy day, this same body of water has a different beauty about it.

Upon leaving the lake area one day,I spotted these berries.I don';t know what they are, but I do know that I like the contrasting colors of the leaves and berries with a few snowflakes as well.

Within two blocks of my home is a research station and this stand of trees is located there.I like how the snow has painted the tree trunks with white and added extra interest.

Back home on my yard the fallen leaves have raindrops on them,  creating yet another kind of beauty.
I captured all this beauty and I drove less than three miles from my home.There truly is beauty all around.

Think About This:
Never pass up an opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty —It’s the handwriting of God.


  1. I love your new header! The lake is so gorgeous and golden! And I like the comparison of the two. Those are my favorites.

  2. I love the snow "painting" the trunks of the trees.

  3. I agree with that quote, nature is the handwriting of God. I always saw it but with my first digital camera, I SAW it even more and have not lost that wonder that was opened to my eyes by looking at nature through a lens

  4. oh i see the beauty ruth...i see beauty in everything, it is everywhere!! the trees painted with snow, what a beautiful description!!

  5. wonderful landscapes
    very very nice
    Greetings Frank

  6. Thank you for sharing the beauty you find in every season. Thanks, too, for reminding us to keep our eyes open for beauty no matter where we are.

  7. I see the beauty in all the pictures as you do. : ) They are all beautiful.

  8. Hi Ruth, "I challenge you to see the beauty which is right before you." There is so much beauty all around us and we just need to slow down and "smell the roses" as they say. I so appreciate the way you capture the beauty of nature and share it with us. Thank you Ruth! John

  9. So many people look but so not SEE the beauty that is ALL around them Thanks you for sharing God beauty through your lovely photos Ruth

  10. This post is super! And so veey beautiful!

  11. Lovely photos, Ruth. You're so right - some people don't pay any attention. When I'm outside I drink it all in and look for the beauty. It's there. Yesterday it was a pair of white doves or pigeons soaring above the earth. Have a lovely day. Diane

  12. i know your Thanksgiving was a couple weeks ago ...but i never did wish u had a Happy one ... doing that now ... i know i said something on FB but not here on your blog. i can not believe how fast this year is just flying by ... got my decor up early ...'cause i had the time ... i know i will be busy this holiday season ... u take care and enjoy those fun moments. i loved the shot of your family with their Christmas outfits on ...that was so fun. i always see those Christmas jumpers as the British folks call them ...and i think oh i should get one for just being silly ...but i never do. fun times. ( :

  13. Hi, There's beauty all around us, isn't there. Love these pictures --especially the Berries one ---and the one with snow on the trees.... TERRIFIC.


  14. Such lovely photographs.

    All the best Jan


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