Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Evening Light

Seasons have changed since the following pictures were captured.
Fall has so much beauty, well, every season has beauty, but fall can be quite colourful.

A stand of trees in the Pembina Valley never fails to delight.I love those white trunks topped with the rich color of fall.

No, the yellow trees are not sick.They are a different variety from the green ones. Together they make for a pretty sight.

Of course Lake Minniwasta usually has some beauty worth sharing. As the sun was dropping lower on the horizon,I got this shot. I know that technically those flares are not what a photographer wants to see, but in this shot,I kind of like them.

While sitting in my car, waiting for the sun to set, I captured a few shots of the golden grasses.

The setting sun highlighted the opposite shore.

One more shot of the shore and the trees richly coloured by the setting sun.

Just a Thought:
Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful.


  1. I have never seen golden Christmas trees, that is amazing to see green next to gold. I love the white trees also. my favorite photo today is number 4 and 5 as a tie. I love both, with the golden light painting them so beautifully. I love what sunshine does to any and everything. so beautiful

  2. Gorgeous golden pictures. My favorite is the first one. I think the sun rays are beautiful and multicolored.

  3. autumn is so pretty, as presented by you!! and your just a thought, perfect!!

  4. That first shot is stunning. All are lovely photos of God's beautiful creation.

    Happy November dear Ruth ~ FlowerLady

  5. Love the golden fall pictures. Our fall here has been more of a golden one than usual.
    Your pictures are stunning.

  6. These are beautiful. You used the light well. Love that fourth shot, of the grasses.

  7. Absolutely glorious...awesome play on light!

  8. You've taken great advantage of the golden hour with these beautiful photos. The trees and the grasses are truly gorgeous.

  9. Amazing fall beauty. Love your photos.

  10. Wow...just wow!!

    I've never heard or seen yellow pine. They are amazing.

  11. beautiful is all around us if only we wil keep out eyes open to see it. Your images in the evening light and falling sun are gorgeous. How the light illuminates the trees is wonderful Ruth

  12. Catching up again...... Love your GOLDENS... I especially love the one where you showed the light on the grasses. Truly AWESOME --but all of your pictures always are.



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