Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Start of Winter

Yes, winter has arrived in southern Manitoba. The following pictures are from earlier in the season, and all were taken on my yard. We have had some more snow and a lot colder weather since then. 
For today, let's just enjoy these first few flakes of snow as we wait for more to come and it surely will.

Snowflakes and raindrops on the same leaf.

When this picture was taken, we obviously ha not had very cold temperatures because even the grass is still green.

I absolutely love the little caps of snow on leaves.

Evergreen boughs with a layer of snow are just as beautiful to me.

That first snowfall brings a special delight for me. I get excited when I see it, and, no,I don't want to spend hours shovelling. I just enjoy the beauty it brings.

Something to Think About:
You’re young and useful at any age, 
if you’re still planning for tomorrow.
Charles Stanley


  1. We actually had some snow flurries yesterday, and the temperatures are now below freezing. Betsy is delighted, but I'm ready for Spring!

  2. The snow on the evergreen boughs is beautiful. We've been getting flurries for the last week or so. So far, nothing measurable. But winter seems to have just pushed fall aside this year, so I'm sure the measurable snow isn't far behind.

  3. I enjoy photos of snow but hope we do not get any here where I live in Oregon.

  4. Pretty photos Ruth... I don't mind snow here in South Texas (2 times in 14 years)...it melts at sun-up.

  5. Your pictures are beautiful. I too enjoy the first snow fall and actually like snow and winter.

  6. I think my favorite is the evergreen boughs with the snow on them. They are really beautiful. Unusual to see both rain and snow on one leaf!

  7. Love your photos. As George said, we actually had some snow (just a tiny bit) yesterday...... BUT--it has been extremely cold --so what snow we got is still with us!!!!! Tonight's low here is 15 degrees.... That is unbelievably low for us especially in November....

    Thanks for sharing your beauty with us.

  8. your photographs of the snow on the trees are so beautiful Betsy

  9. Sorry Ruth i did not mean to cal you Betsy. i had been thinking of George and Betsy when i was writing to you!!!

  10. The transition from fall to winter is off and on here. School closings for snow yesterday and 50s predicted for the upcoming weekend.

  11. i love the snowy shots, so cool. wonder if we will see snow this year? November is almost over ... here is hoping December will be great for us all. the weather keep changing around here ... one minute really cold ... a bit warmer ...who knows what is next? but it is never a dull moment. for some reason when i try to get to your blog, google + always has other plans ... it takes forever for the google + page to load ... have to refresh several times, i will write down ur blog link just go that way ... i could have swore some one said they were given up google + ... i wonder?? take care. ( ;
    ( ;

  12. I love the first snowfall, too. It's so beautiful and somehow hopeful. Diane

  13. ooohhhhh the first snow is always so special!! beautiful captures ruth, it looks so gorgeous on the evergreens!!

  14. Love the quote ( and your first snow).

  15. I love these wintry shots, Ruth. Charles Stanley is a very wise man...that is a a great quote and I agree 100%!


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