Tuesday, January 29, 2019

As Seen On A Winter Day

Today, January 29,2019, is a bitterly cold day so cold in fact, that schools are all closed in the area.
It was about -33 Celsius this morning, together with a light wind, that made it feel like -47 Celsius.
No matter how you look at that, it is just plain cold. 
Even during the harsh winter months there is beauty to be seen.

This first picture is often what I see in the morning, as the golden light of the rising sun filters through  the evergreen boughs. It makes me stop and take a second look every time.It is such a lovely sight.

An old tree, with each branch outlined by a layer of fresh white snow, is simply a thing of beauty.

When the conditions are right, the trees bear a beautiful layer of soft snow.This is better than any decorations seen on a Christmas tree.

Seeds that clung to the branches through the winter, now are adorned with caps of white snow.

The beauty and diversity of the sky never ceases to amaze me. On this particular evening the clouds put on a beautiful display of pattern.The setting sun added to the scene.

Closing Thought:

Today’s forecast
God Reigns
And the Son Shines.


  1. Beautiful winter photos, Ruth! Winter has such as special beauty.

  2. Absolutely love your closing thought.
    I agree whole heartedly.
    Oh my that's really bitter cold but your photos are gorgeous.

  3. We're also experiencing bitterly cold temperatures for a few days. I'm so glad I have the option of staying inside. That last photo of the sky is stunning.

  4. Love your wintry photos, Ruth. You and I are both in the icebox! Bitter cold here, too.

  5. I just don't see how you all who live with these extremely cold temps handle it. Your photos are beautiful!

    Be warm and safe ~ FlowerLady

  6. These are so beautiful Ruth. Even though it is colder than cold, I still would like to have a bit more snow before the winter is over. Stay warm, my friend!

  7. YES now that is cold!! Your pictures show the beauty of winter.
    Now that is one great forecast! :)

  8. All beautiful! I think my favorite is the last one.

  9. These are so beautiful...like you, nothing beats snow laden branches. I so love these.

  10. no one does snow and winter quite the way you do. gorgeous ruth!!

  11. That sky....how gorgeous is that??!!

    STAY WARM & DRY in the bitter cold.

  12. no matter the weather, God reigns, the Son rises is true. love the sun behind the snowy tree and that gorgeous tree is a stand alone piece of art.

  13. One certainly sees the hand of God in the season'sand winner with snow is breathtaking.
    Your photo of the sky is magnificent!

    Thank you once again for sharing your beauty with us ❤

  14. I love your forecast for the day, as well as the beautiful photos of the snow-covered trees. I'm not so enthusiastic about the cold weather you're sending our way.

  15. SO SO SO gorgeous.... Wish I could come to see you and we could go out and capture the moments...



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