Sunday, January 20, 2019

Goodnight World

I have one more post of older pictures.
Today, I share with you a set of sunset pictures. These are from different days and different locations.

This first shot has some snow in it so it is a winter scene.

I realize that all of today's pictures are taken either in fall or early spring.
Each sunset has a unique beauty. I love how the colors can vary so much.

One evening as I was waiting for the sun to set,I saw this puddle in the ditch. There was no wind so the reflections were perfect.

It is not unusual at sunset, to have every cloud highlighted with that pink color. Sometimes this can happen after the sun is no longer visible, but it's rays still hit these clouds.

Lake Minniwasta is one of my favourite place to be at to watch the sunset. This was one of those evening when there were just the right amount of clouds to give a perfect scene.

Closing Thought:

Lord, I look out into the vastness of the heavens
 and I see the grandeur of Your infinite power,
 yet You look at me from heaven
 and see someone You know, love, 
and care about. 
Thank You that You find value in me.


  1. I love your closing thought.
    Each one of your sunsets is gorgeous, I especially love the reflection photo, awesome!

    Have a beautiful week ♡

  2. I love them all! But unusually for me, my favorite is the puddle reflection.

  3. Beautiful photos and I love your ending thought.

    Have a great week dear Ruth ~ FlowerLady

  4. that reflection is awesome. I love the way the fence goes down into the water. a beautiful photo, but then they all are..

  5. You take some of the most beautiful sunset pictures I have ever seen. I never get tired of seeing them.

  6. Beautiful sunset pictures. How can we look at a sunset (or sunrise) and not think about God? Diane

  7. The closing qupte and photo are s lovely. The skyward look can bring an awesome feeling.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous.... The first one (sunset and snow) caught my attention along with the reflections one.....AWESOME....

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love hth puddle reflections. Awesome skies.

  10. These are beautiful...I sure could not pick a favorite one.

  11. Beautiful sky pictures. I'm with Rose, I couldn't pick a favorite either.

  12. stunning 2 ever the same!!!

  13. Such beauty in a puddle. Once again, I find myself saying what a good eye you have for finding photo-worthy subjects.

  14. Love the prayer. I am so grateful for how the Lord sees each one of us.
    By the way, your sunsets are glorious.

  15. Pretty! My favorite has to be the reflection

  16. so pretty. i enjoy the fence/water shot. nice!! hope u r well this week. almost February ... can't believe it!! time is flying. enjoy it!! ( ;

  17. the reflection picture is so pretty. They all are pretty, but my favorite is the reflection of the fence and the clouds.

  18. Ruth, just a suggestion for a lens ball stand...anything glass will do. How 'bout a custard cup (clear of course). Just use your imagination.

  19. What fantastic shots!!! Thanks for sharing them! Yes, God's glorious handiwork at play there!!!


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