Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Summer's Colors in January

January 2019 and a new year is underway. It is my desire to fill this month with color.
Often I hear folks say that they feel down after Christmas, so I want to bring some color and memories of summer to this place.

Geraniums,I never used to like them, but recently they have grown and bloomed well for me, so they are fast becoming a favourite for my planters.I focused on the buds here. They remind me of small rosebuds.

I have the use of a lens ball and it can give some interesting results.

I had one container of sunflowers last summer. They brightened a corner of my garden. No, I didn't get any seeds from them, they died off before ever producing any seeds.

Once again, I used the lens ball for a different effect. Notice that the image in the ball is always upside down.

One more cheery Geranium. This time the focus is on those bright flowers. 

Closing Thought:
Life is full of Beautiful Things
….soft sunrise,cool winds,
pretty flowers,quiet moments,
love and laughter and good friends like you.


  1. The color is wonderful to see! and love that closing thought!

  2. Flowers are never out of season when you have photos of them to look at. These are beautiful. That lens ball is interesting.

  3. It is so good seeing bright, pretty flowers! I miss them in the drab winter. I like the Geranium buds better than the open flowers! After your first post with a lens ball, I bought one. But still have not had time to play with it. There are lots of things you can do with it, and videos on Youtube with different ways to use it.

  4. Did you compose that closing thought? Excellent...words to live by!!

    Beautiful flowers. I love the geraniums' fragrance.

  5. I like the cool way the lens ball changes the beautiful flowers, even upside down. I love sunflowers and I used to try to grow geraniums when I lived in Savannah Ga, I had window boxes. everyone I planted died... yours are lovely

  6. Thanks for the beautiful color on a drab day (at least here)! I like the photos you get with your lens ball.

  7. Beautiful, happy, colorful flowers. I don't have good luck with geraniums at all, so I have quit buying them

    Be careful with the lens ball as the sun shining through can burn you if it's in your hand. This was in a you tube review that I just watched on the 'lens-ball'. I do love how the flowers look through it and I'm sure other things would be very interesting as well.

    Happy 2019 ~ FlowerLady

  8. I would love to get one of those glass balls to try photography with it! So cool!

  9. Beautiful colors for a winter day.

  10. i have never had much luck with geraniums, after their first bloom. too bad, as i love the flowers. i have a lens ball that i have just really started using, i like the results it gives. i flipped most of my pictures - i see you didn't. beautiful closing thought!!

  11. Ah Ruth, I finally got into your blog via Sandra's blog MadSnapper.
    You always comment on my posts but I can't seem to be able to get back to you...
    Love your gorgeous photos so full of color.

  12. I love experimenting with my crystal ball too. Sometimes it works... other times an epic fail. I haven't mastered it yet!

  13. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
    Oh I loved this posting, Ruth.
    That lenses ball is amazing! I must look into that. :)

    You always amaze me with your beauty, thank you.

    Bless you♡

  14. Happy New Year, Ruth! I took a mini blog break over the Christmas weeks and now glad to be back in a quieter month. I enjoyed seeing the effects in your photos ball--very pretty and unusual!


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