Monday, February 18, 2019


Sometimes a person just has to forget about the cold, bundle up and get out into the snowy landscape and capture the beauty.
The following pictures are from just such a day. On February 6th, after finishing my morning school bus run,I bundled up and, together with my camera went out in search of photos.
Yes, it was cold. The high for that day was a cold -18 Celsius, but for at least 1 ½ hours I almost forgot about the temperatures.

I love the effect of the trees outlined with snow. This is at our local park, so I had to accept the lamppost in the picture.

I made my way over to Lake Minniwasta. Usually I am on the east side, but this day I was further west. It was a winter wonderland wherever I looked. I was enthralled with the way the snow clung to the links of this chain.

Stepping back a little, I could capture the beauty of the snow covered trees and shrubs as well.

One of the reasons I wanted to go to this place, was this particular fence. I thought it might look good in the snow and I was not disappointed.

Here is another short portion of the fence with Lake Minniwasta in the background.Of course, you can't see any lake, because it is all frozen and  snow covered.
When I had lost most of the feeling in my fingertips, which were safely in 'warm' gloves, I knew it was time to head for home.

Once I got home, it did. not take long to warm up and feel my fingers again.
In case anyone is wondering.No, I did not suffer any damage,just got really cold.
Maybe just a quick look at a 'warmer' picture will also help.

Closing Thought:
If you choose not to find joy in the snow,
You will have less joy in your life,
But still the same amount of snow.


  1. I don't even see the phone pole! But the fence with snow is beautiful! The fourth picture is my favorite! My, I could have never stayed out that long in the cold. But I guess you are used to very cold temps.

  2. Oh Ruth! You and I are sisters! So often I do the same... I just take my camera and brave the cold, because the beauty is worth it! I have bought gloves that work with smartphones and are double lined, and they actually keep my hands really warm. I think you need a pair of these (smiles)! I love the pictures you captured! Isn't it amazing to see the beauty in the world around us, and how simple things take on a beauty all of their own with the snow adorning them! Lake Minniwasta is a beautiful place, and I enjoyed my "visit" there today, blessings and hugs :)

  3. Ruth, all these pictures are wonderful! I love it when the snow clings to everything like that. Wish I could be there and go with you on those photo safaris in the snow. I like your closing thought, too!

  4. Beautiful, Ruth... I love seeing the clean, white snow... It makes everything look so beautiful and peaceful... Thanks for sharing.


  5. Good Morning, Oh! What lovely photos. The snow on the fence is my favorite. I imagine it was very peaceful out and about in the cold/snow. I appreciate you sharing God's beautiful world. Have a great day.

  6. Thank you for braving the cold and getting these beautiful photos. I really like the pictures of the snow on the fence.

  7. i had to look and look for the lampost, finally found it. i love the chain the most and second most the fence. so beautiful. i do have to say at those temps you would get not one single photo from my camera. you should hear me fuss when i have to go out in 47 F degrees with wind to walk. weather whimp is my name

  8. I had to enlarge that first picture and search for the lamppost you mentioned. When I found it, I didn't see it as a distraction at all but, rather, an enhancement. The images from Lake Minniwasta are beautiful. You have my admiration for spending an hour and a half out in those cold temperatures. I'm glad neither you nor your camera suffered any harm. You closing thought made me laugh out loud. ;)

  9. It is lovely to see the designs that can happen with snow. It quiets and softens the scenes.

  10.'ve shared with us a true winter wonderland. Now, snuggle up for a long while, keeping warm, and know I appreciate you going out in the bitter cold so we can enjoy your white pure country life and surroundings!

  11. Gorgeous shots...I always used to love getting out in the snow...since Roger's stroke I find myself always 'being careful.' And now after my fall last winter even more so...but I still want to go.

    I hope you don't mind...I photographed your closing thought and sent it to my brother, Neal.

  12. the snow is just beautiful!!! we have gotten very little, almost no snow...and i have really missed it!!!

  13. The snow photos are beautiful, but I'll sure be glad when the warmer shot is the norm again! Stay safe and warm.

  14. Wow - such beautiful winter shots!

  15. I find much joy in viewing your snow pictures. I love this white fluffy stuff. It's awesome to see how the snow blankets around the trees and fences. Your photos of snow are the closest thing for me getting to enjoy the pure white layers of snowflakes....

  16. They are amazing, Ruth. I still enjoy your winter pics.

  17. Minus 18 deg is so hard for me to fathom. Love, love, love your photos Ruth. The snow is so pristine and white. Just beautiful.


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