Sunday, March 31, 2019

Return Of The Birds

Time to turn over that calendar page again.
Wait! I am the only one who still likes to have a calendar on the wall?
Anyway, a new month is upon us.This is a month that is special to me, as my only child,Steve was born in April. This year it is also special because we celebrate Easter this month.

There is something else special about this month and that is the return of many birds.
Some of the earliest are the Canada geese. I don't care how many times I've seen them and how many pictures I already have, when I look up and see this,I have to take a picture.

Around the same time as the geese return, so do the Bald Eagles.There is a migration corridor through the Pembina Valley. Since this is only about 30 minutes from my house,I go there often. Once again, no matter how often I have witnessed this and how many pictures I have,I must get another one or two or many more.

Bringing our eyes back down to the ground. At this time of year the bushes are still filled with snow so the White-tailed Deer roam around, looking for food wherever they can find it. This one was kind enough to allow me a couple of shots.

As the temperatures warm up it is not uncommon to see flowing water in many a roadside ditch. I love the sound of it and it gives me some more reasons to get pictures.

The ice has not disappeared from the ponds, but the geese are coming back, ice or not. I watched these two come in for a landing. When I got the picture on the computer I had to laugh. Look at the goose on the left. Its' tail is bent by the ice and its' bill is opened wide. To me it looks like he's saying 'OHHHHH'. Ok, that's my imagination running wild.

Something to think about:
Always believe something wonderful is going to happen.
Even with all the ups and downs, never take a day for granted.
Cherish the little things and hug the ones you love.


  1. Glad to see that spring is coming to your place. The arrival of the waterfowl signals a season of the renewal of life.

  2. I had to laugh about the last goose shot...cause I was thinking about my funny goose shot...will have to remember to look and see if you have saw it. But oh, I am about by the geese the way I am by the eagles...I had not seen a Canadian goose till I was a woman full grown...I mean one up close and personal. Had only seen a very, very few flying way, way overhead. I have two calendars on my walls, and most people would laugh if they seen how close to each other they are. (one is in the kitchen and one in the dining room...and I sometimes have a second one in the kitchen if I see one that has pictures I cannot resist.)

  3. What a wonderful picture of the four geese flying! We have them here all year round. They are everywhere, including down the block from us. It mystifies me why we would have them more then Canada! The shot of that goose landing on the ice is priceless! It is a rather crooked landing, and looks like he is trying to put the brakes on! Certainly not as graceful as his buddy beside him.

  4. Amen to you thoughts. Loved seeing so any interesting sights from your part of the country.

  5. It's entertaining enough to watch geese landing on water, but it can be hilarious to watch them landing on ice. I love that last photo...and your imaginative interpretation. :)

  6. Not sure which birds have returned. The other day I say a hawk.
    Coffee is on

  7. May day, May day...coming on for a landing!!

    Lovin' these photos. Spring is here.

  8. I think that goose is saying OUCH! whats wrong with this water? that is a wonderful pic of them.. i don't see migrating birds here, most of them stay here year round. i just looked up and saw Annis May Day. love that. the ditch of water is beautiful, i can hear the sound. glad things are thawing for you

  9. I forgot to say I have a calendar on my wall, on two walls. the one in the kitchen is my lifeline for appointments. i preer that over electronic

  10. You got some wonderful photos of the birds (and deer). Your picture of the eagle filled me with awe, but I had to laugh when I saw the 'crash landing' of the goose on the ice.

  11. Great group of pictures --plus your words.... Funny Goose!!!!!!

    We have 8 calendars on our walls throughout the house..... Didn't realize that many people don't do that anymore! Wow...


  12. Springs s a wondrous time of renewal and beauty.

  13. Oh, I do cherish the little things of life.
    I love that Honker coming in for a landing...Awkkk for sure.
    We have geese that live in our area year around. their flight pattern is right over our house so I have captured a few shots.
    I would love to see the eagles. They are so majestic.
    I really enjoy coming here and seeing Your World.

  14. I feel the same as you about the birds.
    Funny shot of the geese landing on the ice!
    What a great saying that is!!

  15. such pretty images and reminders that spring is coming!! that's an awesome capture of the deer and i really enjoyed the closing thoughts!!

    your flight captures are really amazing!!!

  16. Hi Ruth, Sure enjoyed your photos and commentary in this excellent post. I was looking forward to seeing your April header and, wow, it is wonderful as I expected! :-) Love the closing thought. Have a great day my friend! John PS Many, many thanks for all the kind comments you leave for me on my blog!

  17. Que buen reportaje.
    Buen fin de semana

  18. i really enjoy watching bald eagles ...i hear them first and then watch. there is one tune i keep trying to figure out what it is and i am sad to say i don't know what they are? i know when i have watch Anne of Green Gables that very bird sound is in that show ... i often think of them when i think of Canadian ... i am sure they are every where but for me they go hand in hand. ( ;

  19. Although we will be gettig more snow tomorrow I ahve been enjoying watching the scenery around me beginning to come alive with spring!


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