Monday, March 25, 2019

Tidbits of Nature's Beauty

Well folks, from a flowery post the other day, we go to a feathery one today. At least some of the pictures are feathery.

  I enjoy the American Goldfinches at any time of year, but they are a special treat in these early spring days. They still are mostly in winter plumage, but that will be changing quickly.

Another little welcome visitor is the Common Redpoll. Some years we have had very many of these, but the last few years they have been rather sparse. It was a treat to see this one at the feeder.

The Red-breasted Nuthatch is a year round resident on my yard and I am thankful for that.
I should mention that all the bird photos are taken through a less than clean window.

I am sharing a couple of snow pictures, just because. I thought it was interesting how the snow looks like to was peeled away from the embankment.

This was taken right from my car.You can see the snow blowing off the bank at the top.
I am pretty sure that by now this snow would be starting to melt away.

Seasons come and seasons go, but the moon is always the same.Rising and setting in a perfect 
rhythm, as God has ordained.

Something to Think About:
Trying to find the words to describe nature’s beauty is like trying to measure the moon with a yardstick.


  1. Love the Redpole since we don't have that one here. We do have Nuthatches --but ours are the White Breasted ones...


  2. I would never have known the birds were snapped through windows. You must have the cleanest windows anywhere! I love the goldfinch shot. I have never seen a Redpoll. I guess the key is that they look like a sparrow with a red cap? It does look like that snow is peeling off the hill in one big sheet. Wonderful moon shot!

  3. As always, moon photos show us such mystique, no matter what phase. And of course, being an avid birder, I LOVE your birds.

    That snow blowing off the hill with the lone tree is fantastic.

  4. I love this feathery post...all of the birds so beautifully photographed. You can't convince me that your windows are dirty! The red cap on the Redpoll is such an interesting marking.

  5. the peeled snow looks like someone was icing a rocky cake and stopped and did not finish. it is beautiful. love the little red cap on the second bird and the goldfinch is solid gold in my book. so beautiful, birds and photos

  6. We get the nuthatches and goldfinch here and have enjoyed them at the feeders.

  7. ooooh the birds are so beautiful, you are getting such pretty pictures!!!

  8. The finches at are feeders are starting to show Spring colors -- they're a delight to see. Although I'm enjoying the warmer weather and bright sunshine here on the Plateau today, your picture of the snow drift is beautiful, as is your moon picture.

  9. Hi Ruth, The American Goldfinche, Common Redpoll, and Red-breasted Nuthatch are such pretty birds. Your photos are excellent and especially amazing taken through a window. If you hadn't told us, I don't think anyone would know. I love those snow pictures too. I am curious if you had any record snowfall this year? Now, Ruth, I especially wanted to thank you for all your kind comments which have encouraged me to meet my challenge of walking every day and taking photos for my blog. The comment you left me yesterday about the sunrise colors on Green Lake ... wow, honestly I think that is one of the kindest comments I have ever received in my 8 years of publishing John's Island. You are truly a special blogging friend! Thanks for all! Have a great day Ruth! John

  10. They are such pretty little birds and delightful to watch.
    You've captured some great shots.

  11. Beautiful photos as always. I love all those birds. Can't wait to see the first goldfinches turning yellow!

  12. might be said to be spring ...but it has yet to arrive around here. still cold out. winds every once in a while. i'll keep waiting. love the snow sliding shot. very great for pics. ( ;


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