Thursday, April 18, 2019

Dark Clouds and Sunsets

As we approach the Easter weekend, I will share some sunset scenes.
Somehow, when I think of Good Friday and the events that happened long ago on that day,I imagine a dark sky.
I know these scenes are not somber, but were captured because I saw beauty, but they may be appropriate for this season.

The setting sun shone a beam of light upward.

Much the same view as above, but a wider angle.

High in the sky were the trails left by some large aircraft, perhaps passenger jets, carrying people to  far distant places.

Clouds create so much of the beauty of a sunset.
I don't like clouds/difficulties in my personal life, but perhaps, if I allow them, they can create some beauty in my life as well.

The dark clouds look heavy and almost grievous, but the warm light of the setting sun brings comfort and peace.

Something to Think About:
On the day we call Good Friday, Jesus gave His life for you and me.
Because of this we can have eternal life.


  1. These are all tremendous. The first two shots are brilliant and so unusual. A thin ray of light pointing upwards. What a comforting sign! The third picture almost looks like a plane crashed. And the last picture, it is truly amazing!! The brilliant sun setting behind the tree with the dark cloud in the distance. This picture can tell a million stories!

  2. Lovely photos dear Ruth. I love Easter. It is such a glorious celebration of Life conquering death.

    Have a lovely Easter ~ FlowerLady


  4. Great photos Ruth and YES....I am so very thankful for eternal life. Praise God!!

  5. Beautiful and certainly those Skies cause one to ponder on this Holy week and for what Christ did for us at Calvary.
    Your thought is well said.

    Have a beautiful evening~

  6. Thanks for the beautiful pics of the skies. Praise God for His gift of His son. Without Jesus' resurrection, there would be no hope for us. But praise God that death could not keep Him down. He is Risen!!

  7. gorgeous ruth!!! i really liked the 4th one, with the clouds sitting a top the trees!!!

  8. That ray of He has risen!!

  9. every single photos is spectacular! my favorite is the last one and that is what I think the sky looked like as he hung on the cross or even when he rose again. Happy Easter

  10. The sky is always changing. Beautiful captures, Ruth. Ddiane

  11. Thanks for sharing all the beauty you've found in these sunsets. I hope you have a very Happy and Blessed Easter.

  12. Wonderful photos and I hope you are having a wonderful Easter also.

  13. Lovely and would make great cards!


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