Monday, May 13, 2019

Looking Up and Looking Down

When heading out with one purpose in mind, you have to be open minded, because something else may make itself available.
Steve, Kai and I went out to capture Crocus pictures, as you saw in the previous post, but it pays to look up once in a while.

These Swans came over and were beautiful against that sky.

I quickly snapped a couple of shots and then it was back to the Crocuses.

By now these flowers are all gone, but I am thankful I have pictures to enjoy their beauty year round.

I have said it before, that I take pictures because I enjoy doing so and I have some satisfaction in seeing a picture turn out right.
My son Steve gets far more serious about it and of course the results are beyond anything I can do.

 When out in the field, you have to improvise. This is where Kai comes in. She can hold that soft light at just the right angle so that the picture is perfect.
I enjoy being out with them and watching and capturing the action from my viewpoint.

Here are two shots taken by Steve, during the above shoot.

Something To Think About:
Flowers are heaven’s masterpiece.


  1. T enjoy all flowers. Most of mine have bloomed early this year.

  2. Steve & Kai make a great team. Their shots are beautiful. But today my favorite are the swans in flight. Oh my,it really evokes emotion in me. Joy,freedom,and beauty. The pictures really capture the wonder of flight.

  3. gorgeous pictures!! nice to see father and daughter working together!!!

  4. I love the perspective of the last crocus photo. And ohhhhh, the swans in flight. So jealous.

  5. Love the soft light in Steve’s photos.

  6. I would really enjoy going with all of you on a flower hunting trip. looks like so much fun.... turning God's masterpiece into another masterpiece is fantastic. about the flying swans, I did not realize they fly in flocks. I have only seen 2 of them in Jungle Gardens, never in the wild. never occurred to me they are flying birds. how strange is that

  7. Flowers definitely are Heaven's masterpiece.
    Gorgeous shots and I love your candids of them taking their photos.

  8. I love the swans! And Steve's shots are gorgeous...but IF I got down like that, I would not be able to get up. LOL

  9. Hi Ruth, Wonderful pictures and truly amazing. I like those photos of Steve and Kai working to get just the perfect shot. Closing thought is so true. Thanks, Ruth, for sharing!

  10. The swans are beautiful and the crocus pics are just stunning.

  11. I've never seen swans flying and so many of them at that. Wow what a picture!!!!!

  12. Steve and Kai work together and have some awesome pictures, but I must say that the swans are my favorite in today's blog.


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