Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Return Of The Birds

Springtime brings with it the arrival of birds, many of which we have not seen since last fall.
Before anyone gets too excited,I know, we are well on our way into summer, but the following pictures were captured in early to mid spring
As one who love birds and looks for their return every spring, these images give me joy.

The first one is a Dark-eyed Junco. These birds are some of the earlier ones to show up.They may not have a lot of color, but after a long winter, their cheerful twitter is a treat to hear.

The Yellow-rumped Warbler is one busy little guy. It's hard to get  a good picture of them, cause they are most often on the move.

Here the bird is enjoying some of the sap from the Amur Maple.

The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is a regular visitor for a short time in spring. Yes, they really do show a tinge of yellow other bellies.

Now you see me.........

........Now you don't.
These two picture show the small and well camouflaged Brown Creeper. As they spiral their way up the tree trunk they blend right into the bark.,

A male Purple Finch is one of the colorful birds we see here.Not only is he pretty, he has a lovely song that he shares readily.

The Common Grackle is a bird that most folks would rather not have around the feeders. They can be very aggressive and noisy. I am one of those who don't particularly like this bird, but it is a beautiful bird in the right light.

Something To Think About:
Plunge into the blessings of spring...
the sprouting of trees and grass,
the sound of birds returning from their winter furlough,
the daffodils and tulips.


  1. We have never seen a Grackle with a blue head like this!! Here, the Juncos come every winter. We call them Snow Birds. The creeper is adorable! It took me a very long time to find him camouflaged on that tree! The Warbler is a beautiful little guy! I have never seen one.

  2. Your birds are super Ruth! The myrtle warbler (aka yellow rumped or butter-butt) is so colorful compared to when they show up here. We must have the Eastern species in Texas, and you the Western! I have seen only one creeper here ... and had no camera on me. Wonderful post.

  3. Love these. So interesting to see this - i joined a coup,e of ‘birder’pages for western new york and the photos are amazing from these guys - they should all be shooting for National Geographic. Anyway - from following their pages I heard about the great warbler migration. Apparentlythey come thru and stop at Forest Lawn Cemetery in the city - I never knew there were so many kinds of warblwrs! Wow - so since my greatgreats are vuried there - I went to see if I could see anything - it was amazing - plus to see these people with 10,000 dollars worth of camera equipment justwalking around the cemetery grounds waiting for the perfect ahot. ��

  4. Love the variety of birds and your great photos Ruth. It is a wonderful time of year for bird watching.

  5. even the common grackle is not common, he is beautiful too. I had to look long and hard to find the now you don't see me bird. blended perfectly. that little warbler is adorable. love his colors.

  6. Your photos are spectacular. I love watching/hearing the birds in spring! They brighten my days. Wishing you a day filled with many blessings.

  7. You got some wonderful photos of the returning birds. I hope you will keep getting pictures and enjoying their songs.

  8. beautiful birds all around you. wow....they do blend right in with the tree bark. I finally have some hummingbirds hanging around. God is good!

  9. Love the warbler! I seldom ever see warblers.

  10. Yellow-rumped is such a nice bird.

  11. Oh, I love your Spring-time birds.
    We have had quite a few around here too.
    The mulberry tree was full of fruit and the robins and assorted other birds have eaten themselves to the point of being "drunk"
    They can't even fly straight...twittering and squaking..so fun to watch.
    I haven't been able to capture them with my camera though. You do such a great job.

  12. Hello Ruth
    fantastic pictures, the woodpecker is top
    Greetings Frank

  13. Wow the brown creeper sure is hard to see on the tree!
    I too love when all the birds come back and listening to them chirping and calling to each other.
    Birds seem like such happy creatures to me. :)

  14. Ruth, you have some wonderful pics of the returning birds. It is so much fun and enjoyable to watch and feed the birds. They are so unique in their own way. Thanks for sharing.

  15. It is always a special time of the year when the birds return, great photos!

  16. Hi Ruth, Really enjoyed all the bird photos. The different colors are interesting. That Brown Creeper ... wow, I am not sure I would have spotted the bird. Perfect camouflage! Trying to get pictures of birds on my walks at Green Lake has really made me appreciate your skill at getting excellent bird photos. It sure isn't easy. Have a happy weekend ahead. John

  17. I have never seen the yellow rumped warbler...need to see if it is native to our area. It probably is. and I have not seen the brown creeper...another to look up. But I love them all. I think the grackles are pretty, and even the starling, but I quit feeding the birds because any time I put it out, a big flock of starlings come and devour it in a couple hours. But I so miss my birds!

  18. i love spring, lately it is here one day, gone the next!! i see where my birds went...take good care of them for me, i know you will!! excellent captures!!

  19. What a lovely collection of birds returning. Such a wonderful time of year.


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