Sunday, June 30, 2019

Random Treasures

It seems that I just barely posted my last post for may and here we are at the end of June.
For me the end of June means that it is the start of a two month holiday, away from school bus driving.

I have a few random images to share.
I bought a tray of small pansies early in spring and they are busy doing what Pansies do best.they are blooming profusely.

A light shower means that there are water droplets on the leaves. 
Little beads of beauty, glistening in the sunlight.

The setting sun is decorated with a few wispy clouds, adding some more interest to the scene.

As the sun slowly slips lower in the sky, it is partially hidden behind a nearby tree.

Finally, a golden path across the water. The ripples created by a passing boat add some interest.

Something To Think About:
A fiery sunset, tiny pansies by the wayside, the sound of raindrops tapping on the roof —
What extraordinary delight to share these simple wonders with a friend!
With wide eyes and full hearts , we come to cherish what others have missed.


Ginny Hartzler said...

I like your July header. And it reminds me that this IS July now! The golden water path is beautiful! That one, and the entire beautiful sun setting are my favorites. The blue pansy is adorable!

Laurel Wood said...

Good Morning, Your photographs are beautiful. Pansies are one of my favorites. We plant them in late Autumn here and they last until March or April. I wish you a blessed week.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

A beautiful post with photos and words.

Enjoy your two months off ~ FlowerLady

Marie Smith said...

Beautiful images! The first is my favourite.

George said...

Each one of these photos is a treasure. Thanks for sharing them and the words of wisdom.

Sandra said...

i LOVE the golden path on the ripples of water... and the moon behind the tree is just so beautiful.... have a wonderful summer OFF

Anni said...

Oh stunning!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi, Love the header....I miss my Pansies. I used to plant Pansies every year... We then changed to all perennials so that we wouldn't have to do it over and over.. Getting OLD you know!!!!! ha

Gorgeous set of pictures...


photowannabe said...

Love Pansies and their pretty faces.
The photo of the golden sun pathway is gorgeous.
Happy 2 months off from bus duty.

Aritha said...

Thanks Ruth, I love them all.

Rose said...

I love your closing words...cause that is how I feel. Love pansies so much...and what wonderful captures of the day coming to an end.

Laurel Wood said...

Hi Ruth, Stopping back by after seeing your comment on Marie's blog. Happy Canada Day and I read where you and your sister will enjoy fireworks at the lake. Enjoy!

Rose said...

I forgot to tell you I love the header photo!

Debbie Harris said...

Beautiful as always!
Enjoy your two months off.

God bless you~

happyone said...

Wow beautiful sunset. With the clouds over the sun it looks as if the sun is having a sunset of its own.
Beautiful closing words!!

Shug said...

Oh Ruth.....such beauty in the ripples and the light. One of my favs! GREAT Pictures.

Debbie said...

i adore pansies, i wish they lasted longer. it gets so hot here, they are usually dead by now. the color is gorgeous, my favorite as you know!!

enjoy your time away from work, you have earned the time off!!!