Saturday, August 31, 2019

White-tailed Wonder

You have all seen the many flowers and birds I have posted over the years. The flowers, especially are easy subjects as they don't run or fly away. I will photograph a variety of things, but sometimes I just happen to be at the right place at the right time.

One evening a couple of weeks ago,I was out waiting for that spectacular sunset to happen.As it turns out,I can't remember whether it was a beautiful sunset or not.I had gotten pictures that made me smile.
I was west of Lake Minniwasta, near a meadow where Jake often went in hopes of getting that perfect picture of the White-tailed Deer. The sun was low on the horizon, casting that lovely warm, evening light
God arranged for a special blessing that evening, when a number of deer walked out into the meadow.
Here are some does, a fawn and a buck in velvet.

A short distance from there, I spotted this doe, trying hard to hide in the bushes.She has a piece missing from her ear.

Near the meadow is a field of beans and that must be tasty food for the deer.The two fawns can just barely peek over this crop.

Mama decided that they should retreat to the safety of the bush. As they did so, I was able to capture this moment in perfect light.

What I consider my best shot of that evening happened about a mile or so from the rest of the deer.This buck was enjoying the alfalfa crop, but seemed uneasy with my car sitting on the road.
Isn't he a handsome fella?

After these and many more shots, the sunset seemed less important.I was so thankful to have gotten these, especially this gorgeous buck.


  1. What wonderful shots! you must have been so thrilled! Each one is beautiful, but I have my favorite already. It is the deer in the bean field, where the babies can barely see over the top. so adorable!! And I also love your September header.

  2. they are incredibly beautiful... the buck is so handsome, his antlers are wonderful. all the photos are fantastic and Jake would approve. I know seeing these deer brings back fond but sad memories. for some reason, number 3 with mom and babies in the alfphala spoke to my heart and made my eyes water with tears. no idea why

  3. Wow, what wonderful shots you captured!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  4. Ahhh...just gorgeous! And the light was perfect. Great captures!

  5. These are all great photos, Ruth. The subjects (and the lighting)are marvelous.

  6. Wow you got some terrific shots of the deer. That last one is perfect.

  7. Oh, my, he is a handsome fellow! Love those babies, though.

  8. That golden light was indeed perfect, and the captures of mama, babies and buck in idyllic light and setting were enthralling.

  9. First of all, your header is GORGEOUS! Everytime I see a white tail deer, it's like seeing one for the first time. Stunning photos!

  10. the evening light is perfect for photographing nature, the deer are especially beautiful!! there are a lot of babies around here also!!

    your new header for september is so pretty!!

  11. Wow - such amazing deer shots.

  12. Love all your shots and the way the deer are alert and watching you.
    The golden light is wonderful too.

  13. Going to Lincoln City, OR where my fiancee has a beach house, we have watched a pair of fawns grow up. First being so small with white dots on them and slowly growing into lovely young girls! They hang out nearby!


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