Monday, September 30, 2019

Stepping Into October

So we are now stepping into October. Around here it feels like we have passed fall and moved on closer to winter. No, we don't have snow yet, but rain and more rain and with that colder temperatures. I'm not complaining, as I do prefer to put on an extra layer instead of being so hot.

These pictures are from the end of August, so the scenery by now would look very different.

I like the Goldenrod, as those cheery yellow flowers stand tall among the grass.

This particular view of Lake Minniwasta just never grows old. This is not a large lake, but this view is spectacular, in my opinion.

Walking along the trails bordering the lake is a relaxing experience, filled with beautiful scenes.

Sometime the unexpected shows up. There are usually Double-crested Cormorants on the lake, but they don't stick around to have their picture taken. On this particular morning, I came upon a very cooperative Cormorant.

It's almost as if he or she was turning around and checking to see that I got a good view of him or her.

As I was about ready to turn around and head back to my car, I heard something. I froze, hoping to capture whoever it was. I found myself almost face to face with this White-tailed doe. She stared at me for a moment or two and slowly walked into the bush and I made my way back to my car.

Something To Think About:
If you feel like you're losing everything,
Remember that trees lose their leaves every year
And they still stand tall and wait 
For better days to come.


  1. I love that view, too..and I love the one looking down the trail. Your cormorant photos are awesome.

  2. I love the dappled path! And also the magnificent cormorant. He is posing for you!

  3. Lake Minniwasta looks beautiful, as well as its trails! Seeing the deer so close was a nice surprise.

  4. That certainly is a beautiful view of the lake.
    My that cormorant looks a if he/she is posing just for you and your camera.
    That path looks like a quaint place to take a lovely walk.


  5. A perfect outing. Exceptional images of nature from the lake, trail, and wonderful animals!

  6. that trail has my name on it. i would love to wander down it and might expire from JOY if i turned and saw a deer.... we need rain and cooler temps, glad you are getting both.

  7. You've stepped into October very beautifully, Ruth. If yu're getting too much rain please send in down here. We are in drought and we desperately need some rain.

  8. Great shot of the deer!! I'd sure like to walk along the path there!!
    The golden rod is so pretty. We still have lots of it around here by me.

  9. Such a lovely post, Ruth. And such rewards, glad the cormorant was helpful - nice pictures. And the doe is beautiful. Diane

  10. I love seeing the landscape and wildlife in your area, Ruth! So beautiful!

  11. oooooh i so like the verse, much like what i posted on sunday!!! i LOVE goldenrod...the monarchs have begun their migration here and they follow the goldenrod. your images are beautiful!!! i really enjoyed seeing the deer!!!

  12. Oh I agree with you about the view! Beautiful lake, etc and the deer.....oh my

  13. I love the blog header! Lovely post.

  14. I want to explore that path! I enjoy the photos.

  15. That quote is a good reminder, Ruth! I have deer visiting my gardens now - plants have gone to seed and that seems to suit them just fine. Your lake is a beautiful place to walk and photograph.

  16. Thanks for the quote, Ruth. I shall think about it.

  17. Such gorgeous views and lovely wildlife. We currently have goldenrod blooming along all the road ways. It's pretty but makes me sneeze!
    I've been away from my blog til this week (had an appendectomy). So thankful to be home and feeling better now and able to visit with blog friends. Enjoy your day.


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