Monday, September 23, 2019

Sunshine to Clouds

Over the years I have gathered a lot of pictures. I keep them, because for one reason or the other I like them. When I share these pictures, I am trusting that someone else will like them as well.

This tree has been photographed at many different times and seasons. I love it's shape and that it stands alone, away from the competition. When you closely, it is actually a cluster of three trunks, but working together, they form one beautiful tree.

It comes as no surprise to any of my followers that I love watching the sky. It is an ever changing display. Some days the sunset is amazing and on some days there is other beauty.

I was out there hoping for a spectacular sunset, instead what happened is that I got spectacular cloud scenes.

These clouds were just amazing. Yes, they looked angry, but did not deliver any storms.

 As the sun was setting, the clouds just got a darker, more defined look to them. I was loving every minute of this.

Something To Think About:
Your faith in God today is your lifeline to His heartbeat.
Faith is the hand that reaches up and takes hold of God’s promises 
and gathers in the spiritual treasures that are found in Christ.
Faith sees the sunshine of God’s face,even when there are dark clouds all around.


  1. Love the Thought at the end of the Blog.
    Yes Faith sees the Sonshine even when the clouds are dark and stormy.
    Speaking of clouds...
    Those are amazing.
    Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  2. Wonderful photos and a fantastic quote at the end. Thank you for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  3. for some reason the stormy clouds make the golden glow even more beautiful. the clouds look so real I feel like I could poke my finger in the photo and feel those clouds. these are spectacular. and so is that TREE. love it.

  4. Wow, the clouds are like a dark fluffy blanket coming down on the brilliance! The tree is lovely.

  5. Fabulous photos! The clouds looked menacing but beautiful!

  6. spectacular!!! the clouds have been really amazing here too!!!

  7. I love that tree - perfect that it has "caught" the sun!

  8. Oh, I so love clouds...we always enjoy a good sky much better than anything you see on TV.

  9. Exceptional beauty! Glorious tones & colors!

  10. Such lovely photographs. I especially like the 2nd one! Such color!

  11. Thanks for the good lesson in it and the great photos.

  12. Ruth, your sky photos are not only gorgeous but powerful. As I am writing this we are have a wicked thunderstorm! The thunder is booming and the lightning is flashing. It's dark, windy and pouring down rain. I must go and check on Mom, she is afraid of them-insists on closing the blinds and unplugging everything in the house.

  13. I always enjoy your photos. You have a great eye for a good shot and I enjoy your writing as well. Thanks!

  14. that is so wild, the sun raises (i am drawing a blank on if i spelled that right??! brain moments??! oops.) great beautiful shots!! so lovely. hope u r well. ( ;

  15. Beautiful pictures and wise words.
    I can see a face in the last picture in about the middle of the picture.

  16. Spectacular as always!!
    You really do have an amazing eye and talent with your camera.
    Where you live certainly has some awesome cloud coverage.
    That tree with three trunks makes me think of God~ Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three in one working together in our lives.

    Thank you for sharing your beauty with us,I never tire of my visits here with you. :-)

    Beautiful wise words to think about.

    Happy day to you~

  17. Hi Ruth, These are such lovely photos. I hope you have enjoyed the day. Thank you for your very kind comment on my post. We appreciate your prayers and well wishes so much. Have a pleasant night. Mildred


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