Thursday, October 31, 2019

Opening The Door To November

Transitioning from one season to another means change,often a lot of change.
As we step into the second last month of the year, we are fully aware of the changes that either have happened or are about to happen.

Gone, are the colourful flowers of summertime and even the gentle raindrops that water the earth.

In Manitoba, if there are still leaves on the trees, they are no longer green, but have turned to the golden shades of fall.
At the time of this writing, we have few, if any leaves left on the trees.

Sometimes winter pays us an early visit, with a surprise dump of snow. That is what happened here in the middle of October.That snow is all but gone, but we know that it is only a matter of time until we get more of the same.

Some of the hardy birds stick around all winter, like the Blue Jays, but most of the song and garden birds have long ago left for warmer areas in the south.

Since our first snow came so early, we still had lots of colourful leaves on the trees. This created some lovely scenes.

To Think About:
If you choose not to find joy in the snow,
You will have less joy in your life,
But still the same amount of snow.


photowannabe said...

Glorious photos of the transition .
Love the Blue Jay in the snow.

Rose said...

You got some beautiful shots here! I cannot help but enjoy snow....always feel like a school kid when it starts to snow. And I want to get out and ramble so bad, but now with our health, I don't.

LV said...

When younger loved the snow as my mother made the best snow ice cream. Glad we do not get much in Texas. However, there are those that predicate a hard winter. Trust they are wrong. Thanks for your visits.

Marie Smith said...

We share many familiar things in this country. We often have early snow, just not this year.

Ginny Hartzler said...

The red leaves are lovely, all covered with snow. And that jay is really puffed up to keep warm! The leaves are quietly beautiful.

Hootin' Anni said...


Sandra said...

I read the quote twice, and it is so true... that first flower pic is just gorgeous. no snow here, still a lot of heat. but today we have dropped to a low of 72 which is welcome. our humidty has dropped and we are comfy, not steaming...

Debbie said...

the snow is so beautiful, i can hardly wait!! LOVE the thought!!!

Laurel Wood said...

Hi Ruth, Happy November. It was cold in GA this morning! (36 degrees f) Your photos are lovely. We rarely have snow here - sometimes maybe once or twice, sometimes none. We do have ice storms and usually lose power for several days. I do hope you are enjoying the day and that you'll have a lovely weekend. I'll be taking a break from posting til around Dec. Check back in with you soon.

Debbie Harris said...

I love your " Think about it" because it is so very true.
That photo with the snow and red leaf is awesome!
We too have those beautiful blue Jay's in the winter and I so enjoy watching them as I feed the wild turkeys as well as themselves. They are such a gracious bird, very gentle actually.

Happy day to you ♡

Aritha said...

Thanks Ruth, for the nice photos. Love to see the blue Jack.

happyone said...

I'm thankful I live in a place that has all the seasons. Your photos sure are pretty.
That is a great thought for the day!!
I'm one of those people who like snow!

Rose L said...

I feel like the fall flew by way too fast. NOT ready for winter at all.