Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sunday Afternoon Fun With Family

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in early September, My son Steve, granddaughter Kai and I went for a drive to look for early fall color. We didn't see much color but we sure had a good time exploring some different areas. We made our way to a picturesque valley, north-west of Morden. The area is called St. Lupicien.

At our first stop, I saw a flock of Sandhill Cranes circling overhead.

I love this old, abandoned building with a lovely backdrop of trees.

Looking down the road. The sky was blue and the temperatures were about perfect that day.

Some photographers get out of the vehicle to get that perfect shot, but when you are 13 years old, it seems to be more fun to sit in the window and shoot.

Some of the beauty is in the trees and surrounding area, but it also pays to take note of the smaller plants at your feet.

This valley is known for the abandoned site of The Leary Brick Factory.
You can read a little more about it at this site: Leary Bricks.
Today I show just this one image, but I have at least one more post of photos of this place.Watch for this in a few days.

Something To Think About:
Ain't gonna need this house no longer
Ain't gonna need this house no more
Ain't got time to fix the shingles
Ain't got time to fix the floor
Ain't got time to oil the hinges
Nor to mend no window pane
Ain't gonna need this house no longer
I'm gettin' ready to meet the saints


Karin said...

Thanks for taking me along on your beautiful ride through the southern MB countryside! I went for a ride yesterday afternoon as well, but didn't stop to take photos - except the one I sent to my friend who is visiting Germany - to tell him his place is still standing, and waiting his return, lol!! What beautiful scenes - I never tire of them!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I remember this song so well! I had totally forgotten it, but you jogged my memory. I think my favorite is the yellow leaves, so beautiful. And the old cabin with the trees behind is so picturesque.

Debby Ray said...

There is nothing like a drive in the country in the fall! Gorgeous photos! The leaves are just now turning a bit here but seeing more signs of color everyday! I hope your week is blessed!

Rose said...

Oh, Ruth....this is my kind of drive. I don't know what I like the best. That old abandoned house, or that road. Oh, so glad I am not supposed to vote. And I think I remember that song...had not thought of it in ages and ages.

Debbie Harris said...

There's nothing like a drive on a beautiful day and look at those blue skies!
That's a fantastic old abandoned building, and who ever built it knew of that gorgeous back drop of trees.

Have a lovely week ♡

Lorrie said...

What a beautiful drive on an autumn day. I love seeing old building sites and often wonder about the lives of the people who lived there.

Hootin' Anni said...

Wow...a treasure of Autumn beauty! Rich colors, delicious blue sky. Your photos are so artfully composed Ruth. I love the story of sitting in the window with the camera....fabulous Sunday drive.

Marie Smith said...

Such a lovely excursion with family! You took some great photos too.

Sandra said...

I had totally forgotten that song at the end, I sang the whole thig while reading... love the photographer in the window shot. so happy you had a photo shoot with your family. looks like it was a wonderful day to be out with 3 cameras

Laurel Wood said...

Hi Ruth, You three had a beautiful day to take a drive. The pictures are wonderful. Oh to be limber enough to crawl thru a car window! lol
I remember George Younce singing this song. Have a blessed day.

George said...

It looks as if you had a perfect day to be out and about with Steve and Kail. Your pictures are gorgeous!

Mary said...

Looks like an interesting area to explore. Great photos as always!

Aritha said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. How great you could go outside.

E. said...

i love watching others photograph. so fun. i guess u have 2 be creative sometimes. lovely views. have a great week. ( ;

happyone said...

What wonderful weather you had for your picture taken adventure. Such beautiful scenery!!
Good words to remember! We are just passing through here.

Diane said...

Nothing more special than time with family. We have watched Kai grow up right before our eyes - too fast. Diane

Debbie said...

oh ruth, you found some really beautiful things to photograph. the image of the cranes is awesome!!!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

So wonderful to get out and explore with your family Ruth! I loved the picture of your granddaughter framing the perfect shot! And it was an amazing shot you captured, love the backdrop of trees behind that old building! Fall is truly a wonder, such loveliness of color to be seen! Blessings to you :)