Wednesday, November 27, 2019

One Last Look AT Fall

Here is one final look at fall 2019. Since we are at the doorstep of December, I thought I should wrap up the fall scenes for a while. Oh we may revisit some when the cold winter winds blow and I just need something to brighten the day.

I used to think that Oak leaves were just a plain old brown, but the little tree in my yard has proven me wrong. These are quite lovely.

I love the seeds of the Milkweed. When those pods split open, the seeds are bursting out out of there and ready to take flight in the slightest breeze.

By now, all who read this blog, know that I love sunsets at Lake Minnwasta.Well, I love them anywhere, but the lake is a good place for me to watch them.

As we look ahead, we see family celebrations coming our way, during the Christmas season. For my friends in the US, it is first Thanksgiving and then on to Christmas.

We can't see what exactly lies ahead for us and that is a good thing. I pray that the days leading up to and even during Christmas will be filled with blessings.

Something To Think About:
Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends living in the USA.


happyone said...

The road going up the hill between the trees is my favorite. Such a beautiful picture.

Dorothy said...

Love the first one of the leaves and also the last one is extra special.

Rose said...

I have noticed some oaks here this year that seem to have a bit more color than normal. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your last two road shots. And sunset and sunrise shots are always a winner for me.

Debby Ray said...

Just stunning photos...and milkweed is one of my favorite things. Fall is dwindling around here too. :(

Laurel Wood said...

What a joyful way to start my day. Lovely pictures of my favorite season. Blessings to you. xo

Sandra said...

thank you for the wishes and those oak leaves are gorgeous, I love those colors... the milkweed is my favorite today.

Karen said...


Sandi said...

Lovely photos!

Happy Thanksgiving. God bless you, Ruth.


Susan Zarzycki said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day!

Marie Smith said...

The countryside and the leaves! Perfect!

photowannabe said...

Thank you Ruth for the Thanksgiving wishes.
We are truly blessed.
I love your photos and the threshold of winter.
The sky has been leaking off and on all night. it's certainly brightened up the yard a bit.
Today we are off to a friends home for turkey with all the trimmings. Family and's going to be a wonderful day.

Debbie said...

the sunset clouds in the 3rd picture are really beautiful!! many thanks for the thanksgiving wishes, we had a wonderful day!!