Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Time for another Bus driver episode.
Once again the pictures have nothing to do with the story.

On The Job Training
 A call comes from the office and the transportation supervisor calls all regular and spare drivers to the office for a morning of in-service. In order to keep a school bus drivers license up to date we need to have at least eight hours of  in-service each year. 
    In-service— what does that mean? It means a time of training and a refresher course of previously learned material. 

Much of our in-service time is spent in learning about safe driving. Many times the training is done through the use of videos and at other times special speakers are brought in. We have had people like the police, railroad personal, firemen and others come to speak to us. Sometimes safety is taught through hands on experience, such as  under the hood inspections or driving a predetermined route while other drivers are the passengers. They observe carefully and later discussions are held about this. 
      Some of this training seems repetitious, but it is hoped that these skills, when well learned, may in an emergency save lives. 

 First Aid training is a very important part of the bus drivers training. A comment that is often heard during the first aid courses is, “: No one one wants to be involved in an accident.” It must be a driver’s worst nightmare to either be involved in an accident or even come upon an accident scene. 

     All the  bus drivers have been trained in doing C.P.R. This does not stand for Canadian Pacific Railway but rather for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. We also hold valid First Aid Certificates. All the courses are taught by certified instructors and are meant to be serious in nature. Yet, when a room full amateurs tries to resuscitate “Annie” or bandage up imaginary broken limbs, the scene can at times be quite hilarious. 

 Amongst all the laughter and silliness there is still a serious nature about it. Each driver knows the importance of being able to help others in case of an accident.We are responsible for the lives of many precious children and we take this responsibility very seriously. 

    Yes, bus driving can be a lot of fun, but it is also a great responsibility. 

And so the story continues.


  1. your trainig is a must for sure and with as much snow as you drive in, becomes even more important. it sounds like training can be fun also, while learning the skills you need. I really never thought about the non driving skills you need until now.

  2. I wonder if bus drivers here have to have the in-service training...I would bet they do and I had just never heard of it. It is very interesting hearing about this job from a driver.

  3. Hooray, another post about your bus driving! I really enjoy them. This is SO awesome about the ongoing training! I think it is extremely important. Because school bus drivers have really been in the news this year. The latest one shows a video of a lady driver buying alcohol before her route, putting it in a paper bag, and chugging it while she drove the children! Weaving all over the road. Similar things have been going on with the drivers. One video shows a woman pulling over and gong back and beating up a child who was being naughty. And there are signs up on the highways that bus drivers are badly needed, free training. I wonder if we have the same kind of training as you do there, likely NOT. Your Blue Jay photos with the snow are gorgeous!!

  4. funny story with this first aid guy I finished it 35 years ago very nice bird pictures.

  5. So much more to being a bus driver than just driving the kids to school!! Ive been enjoying your bus driver series!!
    The blue jay pictures are fabulous. Hard to pick a favorite but I love the close up shot.

  6. I'm grateful for the on-going training and for the compassion and concern you and other bus drivers have for the students. I also enjoyed the lovely photos in this post. Have a blessed day.

  7. I'm sure that the "hands-on" training can get pretty hilarious, but in the long run, the learning CAN save lives if the situation arises!! Kudos to you all.

  8. A little levity is good. LOVE the photos.

  9. I'm so glad there are kind and well trained people like you to protect the precious children.
    My only experience with riding a school bus was in high school. Our home was too far from the school and most people didn't drive their kids to school like nowadays.

  10. your images are so pretty, the blue jays look lovely in the snow!!

    i enjoyed chapter 7. on the job training and first aid is so important for bus drivers. i'm sure it is time consuming but the first time an incident happens, you will be happy you have the training you need. i'm glad you can enjoy the training and also keep things light!!

  11. The on-going training is a great idea. The children have a team in support of them which includes the bus drivers. So important! Love the photos!


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