Friday, December 13, 2019

Snowy Flakes Are Falling Softly

These are not very recent pictures, but snowy scenes are lovely, no matter when they were captured.
I am adding the lyrics to an old Christmas song, I like, 
Snowy Flakes are Softly Falling.

Snowy flakes are falling softly,
Clothing all the world in white,

High above the stars are shining,
Twinkling through the winter night.

Was it just like this we wonder,
Starry bright and crisp and cold,
On that Christmas night of old?

Angels spread their wondrous story:
Jesus Christ is born today
"Peace on earth," they sang, "and glory
Be to God on High alway"

So we sing the sweetest carols
Telling how the King of love
Came to save from heaven above.

Just a note:
couldn't find a version that I have heard before and liked, so I didn't add a link.


  1. Beautiful! My favorite is the first one.

  2. My favourite is the last one. So beautiful!

  3. Love your snowy pictures! Would you believe, we had snow flurries here in the sunny south a few days ago. it was pretty falling but the ground was not cold enough for it to stay for long.

  4. Gorgeous snowy scenes! I hope we get some in TN this year.

  5. From my point of view, all are deliciously frosted with beauty & makes the world still & filled with silence.

  6. beautiful snow pics and I have not heard this beautiful old song before... at first I giggled when I saw your title, flakes softly falling and the first photo is buried in snow. after reading the whole song though, I love it and get it

  7. Beautiful photos to go along with the words.

  8. Wonderful words and photos!

  9. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Even I can enjoy a snow like these.

  10. Snow makes winter beautiful. Your photo are gorgeous.

  11. Lovely. The third photo is my favorite.

  12. these are gorgeous ruth!! we have only received a list, i can't wait for more!!!

  13. * little * when will i learn to proof read!!


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