Friday, January 10, 2020


Once again I will share part of the short story I wrote years ago, about School Bus Driving.
The pictures have nothing to do with the writing, but because southern Manitoba is in a cold snap,I thought it would be nice to look at some flowers from summer.

This episode I have entitled 
It's All In A Days Work

 It’s all in a days work, from the early morning phone call on a Saturday, to the dog that kicks stones at the bus, the job of a school bus driver is never boring. 

We all complain about various aspects of the job from time to time, but if we want to be honest, we have to admit that this job has a certain lure about it, that keeps us going.  It is hard to understand just what this is. It may well be the challenge of the various driving conditions, then again it may be the camaraderie among the drivers. To begin with each driver probably took this job for two reasons, it gives a pay check and it’s available. But it doesn’t take long to realize that what keeps one going day after day, year after year is much more than that. Certainly the students are in large part a reason that this job is enjoyable. 

 When this driver, having missed a week of work because of illness, came back it almost brought tears to her eyes when one little girl, beaming from ear to ear, got on the bus and said, “ Mrs. Hiebert I’m sure glad to have you back.”  Moments like this are very special and certainly make up for the difficult experiences with some of the more disruptive students. 

 Without a doubt, being a school bus driver brings with it it’s own set of problems, but it also carries with it some definite joys and rewards.. 
    Surely these are part of what keeps us bus drivers going. 

The story really never has an end, because daily we experience new things and make some new mistakes. It is the mistakes that usually make the good stories especially when they happen to someone else. 

 It has been my desire, in writing about our experiences, to show that being a school bus driver is both trying and rewarding. 

There will likely be two more episodes to finish this series, but it may take a while to post them.


  1. I will be first to say I do grip about my job

  2. Your photos are breathtaking! Is the first one some kind of lily? The color is so soft and beautiful! I always enjoy reading about your bus driving. Here, we are terribly short of school bus drivers. There are big signs up everywhere announcing the job, including free training.

  3. Awwww, to have a student welcome you back after a long absence makes your job all the more rewarding.

    Love the hot pink zinnia at the end.

  4. Our granddaughters speak fondly of their bus drivers. Kindness is always recognized!

  5. I'm sure remarks like the one the girl made to you when you got back from your illness go a long way to makeup for any frustrations you might have. I still remember the two school bus drivers that took me to school, even though it's been over 60 years.

  6. I have really enjoyed your stories...I bet you are a wonderful driver for a little one to be so glad you are back. To be a good driver is a real gift.

  7. I am enjoying your saga of bus driving, keep them coming. your flowers are spectacular. can't wait for the spring to come so we can see what the new camera will do...

  8. i enjoyed this chapter, i have enjoyed them all. my boys always had kind bus drivers, i always felt lucky about that!! the flowers are gorgeous, this is a great way to share the pictures!!

  9. Oh yes, mistakes of the drivers as well as the administrators supplied my husband's retirement years driving with tales he shared with me. And often when we were shopping a young person would approach to greet him and chat. You bus drivers have a difficult job keeping order, keeping rambunctious youngsters safe, all during before-school time when some are anxious and after school when some are delirious with being out of the classroom and others are bummed because of something that happened earlier at school. Bus divers' calm presence often makes a huge difference for a child. Hats off to you.

  10. I was a preschool teacher fr several years and th stunts and parents cried when I was leaving to move to another state. I felt so appreciated.

  11. I've been enjoying your writing about school bus drivers. My step dad was one too when he retired from the post office.
    So nice to see the pretty flowers mixed in with the story too.

  12. Hi Ruth, From my experience teaching I can say this ... School bus drivers do not get the recognition they deserve. I remember, when the busses didn't roll there was no one in class. :-) This is a great post. Thanks for sharing and have a happy weekend.

  13. I do believe that it's people like you that make a difference in the children's lives.
    Perhaps you are the only one that makes them feel special and cared for.
    Some of those kids maybe have to get themselves off to school all on their own.
    Your smile and greeting will warm them on the inside so they can face their day.

  14. i know so many folks .. including my bus drivers really made a difference in my life. big time. so so much. i recall all kind of great memories, funny times and learning ones as well. ( ;

  15. Awww....I'm afraid they just don't make them like you anymore, Ruthie. How rewarding it must have been to be welcomed back to work by that sweet little girl. Let me just say that I know that I would never have been able to do what you have done all these years. You are a brave and obedient soul...what a super ministry this is! stay safe, dear friend! HUGS!


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