Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Colourful Flowers on a Cold Winter Day

Today the sun is shining brightly, but that can be deceiving, as it is very cold outside and the temperatures are to drop as the day wears on.
With that in mind,I think some cheery flowers are in order.

Let's start inside, with one of the Amaryllis which was blooming in my home recently. I enjoy these large tropical like flowers in winter.

Oh but, we must take a walk into the flower garden, during the heat of a summer day.
The showy Sunflower is always a good photo subject, even when we look at the back side of it. I love seeing all that detail.

As we look down, we see the Hens and Chicks plants. I have not had great luck in growing these, but I do enjoy seeing them. There are many different varieties, some smooth and some like this one which shows small hairs on each leaf.

The simple Geranium brightens up any day. One of the things I like about these plants is that they will keep on producing new flowers right up until we have a heavy frost.

 For the last flower today, we head back inside to see a different Amaryllis.
Hope you enjoyed this short walk among the flowers.

Closing Thought:
Flowers are heaven’s masterpiece.


  1. Oh my goodness, that first amaryllis is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing all of these beauties.
    Happy January ~ FlowerLady

  2. amen to the masterpiece quote. flowers fill us with joy. love the first and last and that they bloom inside

  3. Love seeing your Amaryllis, Ruth! My two are in different stages of bloom. I have Hens and Chicks that somehow survive our long, cold winters and emerge every spring.

  4. Thank you for the lovely walk and your flowers.
    The pale amaryllis is lovely. I haven't seen that shade before.
    My Mom used to have Hens and Chicks so long ago. I really like succulents.

  5. Flowers are a masterpiece for sure. Blooms inside this time of year brighten the days!

  6. Thanks for ushering us on a lovely stroll through your virtual garden of heavenly masterpieces..

  7. They sure are.
    Gorgeous photos, every one. Such detail.

  8. I sure did enjoy won't be long until we are really longing to see fresh flowers.

  9. Gotta have a favorite...which would be the geranium. I love their fragrance too.

  10. yes...i think this was perfect for today, i loved your closing thought!!!

    the sunflower is my favorite!!

  11. The amaryllis are stunning. I love the color of the first one.

  12. These beautiful flowers are just what we need on a cold, mid-January day. All of these photos are absolutely gorgeous.

  13. Lovely to remind us spring is around the corner.

  14. Oh such lovely blooms! I am SOOOO ready to see some color too!

  15. Wonderful flowers, nature is extraordinary.
    I especially liked the first photo, how beautiful Amaryllis.
    Have a nice weekend

  16. Happy New Year, Ruth. The flowers are beautiful, especially love the amaryllis.


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