Monday, January 6, 2020

Find the Difference - Guest Post

Hi everyone, this is Steve Hiebert writing this post, Ruth's son.

Around Christmas both Mom and myself bought new cameras.  For myself it was a huge change, having shot Nikon for over 30yrs, totally switching brands was big.  What did we both switch to you may ask... well we both moved over to Sony.  Mom as you may have seen bought a Sony RX 10 Mark IV, a fantastic all-in-one camera!  It's small, very portable and packs quite a punch for small package.  Being a professional photographer I opted for the Sony A7R IV which is a 61MP beast of a camera, with RAW files coming off the camera that are 128MB/image you need a lot of storage space to work with them.
Now I don't like talking about how much money was spent on this item or that, however in this modern age of photography it is often a gauge as to the level of equipment and what to expect from it, so I will be sharing some prices below, in Canadian dollars, as a reference only.

Comparison of the 2 cameras and lenses

The RX 10 IV zoomed to 600mm vs the 200-600mm lens
When I say it packs quite a punch, the RX 10 IV comes with a 24-600mm f/4 lens... 600mm f/4!!!  If you are familar with photography equipment you'll know that a 600mm f/4 lens would run you in the neighbourhood of $17,000.00, that is not a typo... $17,000.00 just for a lens, and the Sony RX 10 IV has a lens of that focal length and speed!  That fact alone is pretty amazing, but what about the quality of the lens, that always plays a big part in your image quality.  Well I was curious on this very thing!  How would a 38.4oz (1090g), $2000.00 camera hold up against a 112.1oz (3056g) $7500.00 camera kit.

The night was clear so I decided to grab both cameras and a tripod and point these cameras at the moon and see what the results were... I'll tell you I was sure hoping that there was a difference between these two or I'd be feeling pretty stupid having spent all that money.

Here are the two shots, one was done with a heavy professional kit, the other was done with an "amateur" all-in-one camera... can you see the difference?  I won't tell you yet which is which.
Like I said this is a section of the full frame from the cameras, lets zoom in to 100% and I'll match the file size of the A7R IV to that of the RX10 IV...
Ok well this had me feeling a little better as you can start to see the difference between the two images.  The Sony A7R IV is on the right side, you start seeing a little more definition and clarity... but for what the RX10 IV is, it really put up a great fight and gives some stunning images!
We can take this one step farther though... remember I scaled the A7R IV file down to match the file coming from the RX10 IV, well now lets look at a 100% view from the original files on both cameras, keep in mind that A7R IV is a 61MP camera which gives it a lot more power and resolving power than the 20.5MP files from the RX10 IV...
There it is... there definitely is a difference between these two cameras, but I can tell you that mom sure won't be tired walking around all day with her camera, where this is only 1 of 4 lenses that I carry with me, I'll definitely feel that.  
So yes there definitely is a difference between these two cameras... if you're shooting professionally and deliver work to paying corporate clients and produce large prints or canvases frequently, yes the A7R IV is the camera of choice, but if you just love photography and want to get out and have fun shooting without being weighed down, you definitely won't regret investing in something like the RX10 IV.  Both cameras have their place, but for the average hobbyist you won't regret the full featured camera like the RX 10 IV.
I hope this has been of value for you and if you're interested in seeing more of my work check out my  Facebook or Instagram @stevehiebert


  1. Thank you so much Steve! This is so interesting, and I will be looking up your mom's camera. All the photos are outstanding!

  2. Hienoja laitteita molemmat. Olen vanha kuvaaja - kuvannut useilla kameroilla 60-vuoden aikana.
    Kuukuvia pitkillä teleillä. Nyt olen tyytynyt kanamaan mukana pientä pokkaria jolla ulottuu yli 700mm.
    Jos olet kiinnostunut töistäni - Tervetuloa blogiini -
    Terveisin Eko Suomi/Kuusamo

  3. This was a very interesting post Steve, thank you for taking the time to showcase the Sony cameras. I currently own Canon and love that brand. However, I can say this, you have me very interested right now in the Sony - that was quite amazing to see the comparisons you did between the two cameras and their lenses. This will be an amazing blessing for Ruth, and I look forward to the pictures she will be able to capture with this camera! Blessings to you both :)

  4. Great advice. I think photo quality these days are exceptional with ANY camera. And hobbyist or professional, a good percentage has to do with the photographer ... Not only a camera. There is a lot of features to learn on either. Thanks Steve. Say hi to 'mom Ruth' for me.


  5. Beautiful pictures and you can see the difference in the pictures you wrote about these cameras very interestingly.

  6. beautiful cameras, both of them and thanks for sharing them with us, and the difference. both shots are wonderful and at my age carrying that lens in the photo would be impossible. awesome shots, both of these.

  7. Ruth’s camera is perfect for my interests too. It does a great job obviously.

    Your work is incredible, Steve. Hope you have great success with your new camera.

  8. Thank you for showing the differences between these two cameras. The camera your Mom got has me tempted.

  9. I am tempted as funny, I just came home today so frustrated with things that I got on Amazon first thing looking at this camera again. Thanks for the comparison shots.

  10. Wow those cameras take awesome photos. I'm afraid it is way out of my price range!!
    The only camera I have is my cell phone.

  11. both cameras are AMAZING but i think you made the best choice for you and steve for himself. i am going to do a little research on the one you bought, it looks to be a really super camera!! and thanks steve!!!

  12. Hi Steve, Great post and comparison of the two cameras. You and your mom take some of the best photos! Thank you so much for sharing. Hello to Ruth and best wishes to both of you for the new year. John

  13. Such an expensive camera. I am hoping to enjoy photos posted from it as cannot afford one.

  14. Thanks Steve. good review and advice.

  15. Thanks! I know I will never be a professional photographer, but I am always on the lookout for a better camera than the one I now own.


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