Sunday, January 19, 2020

Silent Beauty

Winter has a silent beauty about it, in my opinion. Yes, there can be howling winds at times, but often there is a calm and quiet beauty in winter.

Snow drifts into delightful forms almost anywhere you look. I trust that as you drive along, if you have snow in the area, you will notice this silent beauty.

Tiny particles of frost cling to the trees. They have arrived overnight and decorated the trees and every little weed with pure beauty.

This shot shows one of the roads leading through the Pembina Valley. It's not a rugged valley, or even very deep, but it can be quite a beautiful place.

On this particular day, it was the frost covered trees that stole the show.

I have photographed this particular tree in all seasons, but I believe this was my first chance to capture it's beauty while covered with frost.

LISTEN and SILENT are spelled with the same letters.
Think about this.


  1. I think snow makes landscapes look so beautiful. It is winter's gift, just as flowers are summer's gift.

  2. Winter beauty! My very favorites are the first and last.

  3. Oh my gosh....your tree photo (the last one) is so gorgeous! Of course all your beauties of silence are wonderful.

  4. Listen and Silent - short phrase packed with a lot of power.
    The RG was often called out to work before the snowplows hit the roads for many, many years. And yet he still loves winter including ice fishing.

  5. I remember all the different looks of this tree, it is such a beautiful tree, no matter the season. Frosty is a great look for it... love the whipped cream snow... silence IS golden

  6. gorgeous ruth, really beautiful pictures of the snow!! still nothing here, we got a dusting on saturday and sunday morning it was gone!!!

  7. You've captured the purity of winter. I like the silence and listen analogy.

  8. aren't those silent moments great?? i enjoy them. gorgeous snowy views. what fun. thanks for sharing. ( ;

  9. I really like the remider that listen and silent are spelled with the same letters -- sosmething we need to keep in mind. Your photos are gorgeous. We're enjoying a light snowfall now, but nothing like what you have shown.

  10. The frost covered landscape is one image of winter I love. Great photos.

  11. Winter is a beautiful season.
    All your photos are beautiful.
    I'm so thankful I live in a place that has all the seasons to enjoy.

  12. Your photos look like beautiful Christmas cards.
    I love the one of the drifts that look like waves especially.
    Icy streets look a bit scary but pretty all the same.
    Stay warm and cozy today.

    1. My post about the chamber pot was meant to be a stab at humor. It isn't a chamber pot.
      The pot sits on a 2 foot stand of the same material. in the 40's these were very popular to be placed in a corner with an indoor plant.
      Look up on Google Roseville Pottery. There are many different styles and colors.
      I do have the pedestal too. Just thought because of it's location in my bedroom someone would think it was a chamber pot???

  13. Oh, my, there is so much beauty has been a long time since I got to get out and see hoarfrost...that is my favorite of these. But I love the drifts and the shot looking down the highway!

  14. Thank you Ruth-your photos are beautiful as always. Mickie

  15. It looks so lovely and so happy it is there and not here!


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