Saturday, August 1, 2020

Memories of Spring

As we step into another new month, I look back at a day in the end of May, a day spent with a good friend, exploring an area around the north end of Lake Manitoba.

Come along with me and let's see what we can find.

One of the birds that always makes me smile, is the American White Pelican. These guys have a somewhat goofy look, but are majestic in flight.

As this threesome passed in front of the clouds, I thought it made a nice looking image.

More Pelicans and more clouds, but a totally different sort of scene.

I was about to get into the car to leave, when these guys flew by, so low, I could hear the sound of their wings, as they gave an occasional flap.

Flying away from me, in perfect formation and low above the water.

You can see by the blue sky and a few puffy clouds, that we picked a perfect day to go exploring.

Yes, it was a perfect day, yet because of the time of year, the beach was still mostly unoccupied .

Water and sky for as far as I could see. 

Look at those beautiful clouds and enough sunshine to cause the water to sparkle.

Yes, I am still close to the lake, but by taking a slightly different angle, the whole scene changes.

This is the kind of sight I could never get tired of seeing.
It was time to head for home, about two hours away.

I think this quote is appropriate for the days we are in.

We live in a broken world where broken things happen.

Lysa TerKeurst


  1. Wow, these are stunning! Probably the Snowbirds copied their patterns from these awesome in flight creatures!

  2. Lysa always has such powerful things to say.
    I love all the pictures of the pelicans but that last one is stunning.
    I love the puffy clouds making your scenes magical.
    Hubby and I definitely need to get out and see something different.

  3. Ruth, you are definitely right about the Pelicans! From watching them, I thing they are the only bird that flies for pleasure. I've seen them soaring up high without any other reason than for fun!
    By the way, I think you were probably at the South end of Lake Manitoba and it is a beautiful place!

  4. Ruth, Sorry, it shows me as unknown. I don't really know why. Will try to fix it!

  5. Very pretty pictures from your visit.

  6. New month, new header. Very pretty. I have never seen a prettier Pelican. Don't know if I have ever seen these white ones. But your shots are wonderful. It reminds me of the flight formations of those planes that do flying shows, like the Blue Angels. They really have a tight flying formation!

  7. Well worth the drive. The photos as beautiful. I don’t see pelicans here. Lucky you. They looks like the Snowbirds in formation.

  8. What beautiful photos of the pelicans. We don't see those birds out here and they are striking! Their flying formation is admirable. I'm sure you enjoyed your outing in the spring and enjoyed it again looking at these photos. Happy August days to you.

  9. I hope our broken world can be mended.
    With these beautiful scenes of the white pelicans, I am in total s
    awe. Each photo today is a masterpiece!

  10. Wow, you certainly did happen upon a beautiful sight with those pelicans showing off for you! So glad you were there to capture those magnificent photos. Love seeing them in flight together. God's creation never ceases to amaze me! Thank you for sharing them.

  11. Goofy looking and oh so ugly Pelicans are my favorite bird of all! I have always loved them because they're so ugly they're cute and they are so much fun to watch. We could sit for hours on the beach just watching the Pelicans and you have captured all the funny things they do and the Beautiful Things they do and how Majestic they look when they're in flight. Awesome photos of the Pelicans and that beautiful sparkling water

  12. Great shots. I keep working on my bird shots when out in nature.

  13. these views sure do soothe your soul. so happy and i love nature. i love it. well done. have a great week. ( ;

  14. Oh, Ruth...these are absolutely wonderful. Pelicans are another thing that I just love. and they fascinate me. They come to the Goose pond area in the is south of me about an hour. I didn't get to go down this year. But I was thrilled beyond thrilled the first time I saw them.

  15. Thank you for sharing this beauty Ruth.
    So nice.

  16. What amazing photos, thank you for sharing!

  17. Wonderful photographs, I'm so pleased I stopped by your blog :)

    All the best Jan


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