Thursday, December 3, 2020

Frosty Beauty

 Are you ready to go for another ride with me? 

The day is November 17,2020. Nothing special about this day, but it seems like a good day to go for a drive. It will be even better if you choose to join me, so let's go.

We head west out of Morden, as we drive along, we begin to notice the trees have a soft look to them. Could it be that we will see some hoarfrost? 

Another few miles and the scene is changing rapidly .

We pull off to the side of the road to admire the beauty.

The beauty is breathtaking. The pine trees are covered with a heavy layer of hoarfrost.
Even the bare branches of the other trees look lovely with their frosty dress.

Of course we must take a closer look.WOW! Such beauty has been created overnight.

White, frost covered branches against an almost white sky. Is this what it means to have tone on tone?

Stepping back, we get a look at the bigger scene. A touch of blue in the sky, really emphasizes the frost.

Are you feeling a little chilly? I am, so I think it's time to get back in the car and carry on. Yes,I said carry on, we have more frosty views to enjoy, but they will have to wait until next time.

Until then remember :

God meets daily needs daily and miraculously.

Max Lucado


  1. Hi Ruth
    Today is thankful Thursday.
    Today I am going to give thanks for finding you in the blogosphere.
    Where else could I go for a virtual ride and see such beautiful scenes?
    Excellent post.
    Take care and stay safe!

  2. You are the Frost Master for sure. They are all so beautiful that I don't have a favorite. Was this early morning?

  3. Those are beautiful photographs. I have never seen hoarfrost like that around here, it is really amazing to see it in your pics. Was there snow on the ground, or just the same kind of frost?

  4. Nothing better than frosty trees. Beautiful!

  5. these are nothing short of spectacular, each one prettier than the one before!! you are so lucky to have snow!!!

  6. Incredibly beautiful. Against the powder blue sky they're so majestic.

  7. I am amazed that the vegetation recovers from such a deep freeze.nature is a miracle. Great photos.

  8. These photographs are truly works of art.

  9. My favorite decorating thing is tone on tone and I also love it in my clothing and you are so right this is absolutely perfect of tone-on-tone and every single photo is just gorgeous.

  10. Wow! Those are some amazing photos of the frost on the trees! Perfectly designed by the Master Designer Himself! So glad you were able to capture these photos before it dripped from the trees. Magnificent!!

  11. Ruth, glorious images! Thanks for the memory! I remember walking to catch the schoolbus at the end of our road, when it was dark in the morning and the Hoar frost was heavy. Like walking through a winter wonderland!

  12. I love the way hoarfrost looks on plants. It makes little ice thorns!

  13. These are glorious captures! I love them all.

  14. Simply gorgeous.
    Thanks for taking me on your ride with you.

  15. Makes me just a little bit chilly, but oh how lovely! Thanks for the tour, and have a wonderful week!

  16. Such amazing frost formations! Thank you for taking us along on your outing on that chilly November day.

  17. These are just wonderful on the computer...I knew they would be, but still wanted to tell you I did so enjoy them.

    Re your comment about stairs on my post today...I am not real good with steps either. I do them, but I make everyone else go first because I am so slow. LOL

  18. i love your December, so festive. we have snow falling. so fun and exciting!! hope u r well this week. December is flying by. having to pick recipes for Christmas ... wanting something different. i wonder what my Mom will think or say? we will see?? ( ;

  19. It's been many years since I saw hoarfrost up close and personal, not since I lived in Quebec many years ago. So pretty!💖

  20. We've had so much hoarfrost this year! Especially this week, it has been magnificent! I am always incredibly amazed at the detailed beauty on each and every branch, leaf and stem! Enjoyed your pictures Ruth, and was glad to virtually travel alongside you to see the beauty in your world! Many blessings to you :)


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