Monday, January 10, 2022

2021 In Review

Ok, so this is not all that I took pictures of in 2021, but it was a daily challenge. As most of you know, I took one picture from a certain spot on my deck, each day in 2021. The idea was to watch the changes as they happened. At the end of this post is a short video of these pictures.

Since I had all these photos, I decided to make a collage for each month. I chose to use only 24 images per collage, but that is still most of the images for each month. The pictures are cropped to make them square, but you still get the effect of the changes.

This is January.

I did enjoy when I could capture the sunrise as well, but we do have a lot of cloudy days.

Here are the February photos. Notice the snow disappearing and then we got more.

March brings us closer to spring and the sun has noticeably moved further north.I should add that the camera was pointing in a south easterly direction.

April, and the green is beginning to show.

May shows a lot more leaves on the tree. This is a month I really enjoy, as it is usually not too hot, but the cold of winter is gone.

June brings us to the middle of the year. Unfortunately last year was so very dry, that even the leaves on the tree were smaller than usual.

July, brings the heat and last year with the lack of rain also brought brown lawns.

August came and with it the slow winding down of summer.

Looking at these pictures, we must have had a few rains in September. The grass is looking greener.

October means fall is fully upon us. The leaves change color and ever so quickly drop from the trees.

November, and the first snowfall. 

That brings us to the end of the year and December. This was a fun challenge, but I really don't want to do it again, right away.

I end this long post with a link to the video, should you wish to check that out.

Seasons Video 


John's Island said...

Wow, what a cool post. I admire your dedication to stick with this for a full year. I love to journal so I can imagine doing this and then putting the photo on each daily entry. You could print out the collage and then carefully cut the photos into about the size of a stamp. Then attach it to the journal page. It would be an intensive project but great memory of how the sky/yard looked every day.

Ginny Hartzler said...

What a difference there is! I think my favorite is June. This must have been a lot of work and cataloging.

George said...

What a fascinating project. It led to a great review of the year. I enjoyed both your collages and your video very much.

William Kendall said...

These are beautiful. I do something similar from a given location, but only twice a month.

Sandi said...

Very nice capture of the seasons. I salute your dedication!

Rose said...

I would love to see the bigger version of these...LOL I bet that was a challenge to get done. I did enjoy them.

Rose L said...

Loved the video! Quite the project!

Hootin' Anni said...

Wow Ruth!! A real dedicated, much work, effort. And such a super duper idea. Each month has its own beauty. I commend you on this. One Incredible post.

Marie Smith said...

That was a great project, Ruth, so beautifully done too. One of the things I noticed was the trees are green at least two weeks before they are here. Yours drop off a bit earlier too. The video was a great job! Well done!

MadSnapper said...

I liked the collages, as I scroll the sutle differences show well, along about may it got so beautiful with still sutle changes. the video is AMAZING!!!! truly! I love it love it.... it is like my feelings about how fast life is speeding right now. the seasons are rapidly changing and the video is mesmerizing
I shudder to think how much work it was to create the collages and the video. wild clapping and standing ovation. the other thing that amazes me is how you remembered to take the photo every day.

photowannabe said...

What an amazing project you accomplished Ruth. The entire work is so lovely and the video perfection.
I don't think I could have been that intentional to accomplish what you did.
A++ and 3 Gold Stars

happyone said...

What a fantastic undertaking for the year. It was amazing and I loved the video!! Excellent post!!

LC said...

Your dedication to capturing the entire year's worth of changes is wonderful. I loved both the video and the seasonal stills.

Debbie said...

a wonderful project but i imagine it took a bit of time!!

Shug said...

These pictures are really very neat. I love how the scenes change but yet it is the same scene. I admire you for taking the time to do this and I appreciate you sharing it . Have a great day

Lowcarb team member said...

Goodness me this is a amazing, and must surely have taken a lot of time.

All the best Jan

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Such beautiful pictures you've captured through the year Ruth, wow! Your backyard is a spectacular place for sunset views! Happy New Year to you :)

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