My name is Ruth and I have been married to my best friend since 1972.Jake and I grew up only a few miles from each other.When we started dating in 1970 we had known each other for several years.
We were married in our country church,surrounded by family and friends.
In 1973 God blessed us with a healthy baby boy,named Steve.
As a family we spent lots of time together,both at play and at work.
Now Jake and I have been blessed with a beautiful Granddaughter,Kai.
On November 10,2010 God called Jake home .
This was a very sad,yet peaceful moment.Sad,because I no longer have him by my side,peaceful,because God took him gently and gave him  a new healthy body.
I will go on with a heart full of memories.
Photography was an important part of our lives and continues to be so for me now.

Roadside Scenes

As you take a few minutes to look at these photos, captured earlier this fall, I trust they will bring you joy. I am pairing the pictures wi...